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This plugin requires ClearLagg in order to work.
Please do not seek support for ClearLagg from me as it is not my plugin.
I can only help you with ClearLagTimer.
Features List:
View the default config file here!
View the default messages file here!

• Makes ClearLag more customizable
· Define custom commands for your players to check when the next entity clear happens.
· Display custom messages at specified intervals (e.g display an actionbar 5 seconds before clear).
· Play custom sounds at specified intervals (e.g play a happy villager sound 5 seconds before clear).
· Run configurable commands after an entity clear has happened.
• Norska Development Resource Quality
· Auto-updating configurations on plugin updates.
· Fully customizable messages including chat (option to auto-center), actionbars, and titles. (RGB Support)
· Fully customizable sounds (option for power and pitch), for every command and event.
· Placeholders to use wherever you want. (PlaceholderAPI).
· Use any PlaceholderAPI placeholder in plugin messages.

• Developer API // JitPack - JavaDocs
www.norska.dev - Quality Server Resources
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