Chest Commands

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tutorial/Commands and permissions


Global permissions


Command                         Permission                      Details
/chestcommands or /cc - Main command. Info about version, developer, and help commands.
/cc help List of commands.
/cc reload chestcommands.command.reload Reloads the plugin.
/cc open <file> Open any menu loaded by the plugin directly. You also need the permissions for the menu itself.
/cc open <file> [player] Opens a menu for another player. It will give you access to all the menus.
/cc list chestcommands.command.list List of correctly loaded menus.
- chestcommands.update Receive update notifications on join.
- Required to open a menu with the configured command, or from other menus.
- chestcommands.economy.bypass Bypass economy costs.
- chestcommands.sign Required to create menu signs.

Icon permissions

If you're looking for icon specific permissions, click here.