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tutorial/Click Actions


Please make sure to read the basic tutorial before proceeding.


This tutorial is about actions executed upon clicking an item, and nothing else.


Opening other GUIs

If a command opens a GUI from another plugin, set KEEP-OPEN: true.


The variables can be used in COMMAND, LORE and NAME.

  • {player} (will be replaced by the name of the player who clicked).
  • {world} (the name of the world you are in).
  • {online} (n° of online players).
  • {max_players} (n° of server's slots).
  • {money} (amount of money, you must have Vault).

Normal commands

Commands must not be written with "/" before them, except WorldEdit commands.
The example shows how the player who clicked will be forced to execute the command /spawn.


COMMAND: 'spawn'

Commands as console

Be careful with this command.
To execute a command from the console, use 'console:' before the command.


COMMAND: 'console: say Hello world!'

Commands as OP

Be careful with this command.
To execute a command as OP, put 'op:' before the command.


COMMAND: 'op: say Hello world!'

Multiple commands

Separate multiple commands with a semicolon ";". The example makes the player execute the commands in this order: /spawn, then /me.


COMMAND: 'spawn; me I have been teleported to the spawn!'

Tell something to the user

Like previous examples, put 'tell:' before a string, to send it to the player. You can use color codes and symbols.
In the example, the message will be red.


COMMAND: 'tell: &cHello man!'

Broadcast something

It works like "tell:" but everyone will see the message.


COMMAND: 'broadcast: {player} is awesome!'

Playing sounds

A sound is made of three parameters (only the first one is required) separated by commas. The format is 'sound: <soundName>, [pitch], [volume]'
Sounds list: click


COMMAND: 'sound: ghast scream, 2.0, 0.5'

Give items

This is just a really basic command to give items. You can only change the data value and the amount of the item, for more advanced things please use the vanilla command. The example below would give 10 black wool (data value is 15) to the player.


COMMAND: 'give: wool:15, 10'

Give money

COMMAND: 'give-money: 100.0'
It will give money to the player who clicked.
You need Vault and an economy plugin. (read more about economy)


COMMAND: 'give-money: 100.0'

Open other menus

Just like commands from console, put 'open: <filename>' where <filename> is the file name of a menu.
The menu will be opened if existing and correctly loaded, otherwise it will display an error message.
Players need the correct permission to open that menu (See the main page for permissions).


COMMAND: 'open: example.yml'

BungeeCord commands

You can use 'server: <target>'.
The user will try to connect to the target server. If you don't know what is BungeeCord, ignore this command type.


COMMAND: 'server: hub'

Player Points (using PlayerPoints plugin)

This section is for the plugin Player Points. You can use 'give-points: <number>'.
In the example, 50 points will be given to the user who clicked. If you want to require points to click, see the node POINTS.


COMMAND: 'give-points: 50'

Dragon Bar message (using BarAPI plugin)

To send a dragon bar message (also called boss bar), you must have BarAPI installed. The format is 'dragon-bar: <time-in-seconds> | <message>'.
In the example below, a dragon bar would appear for 10 seconds to the player who clicked, displaying his name.


COMMAND: 'dragon-bar: 10 | &aHello, {player}!'