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This plugin allows to join player even if server is full or has limitation of slots (Like in minecraft hostings) .

This plugin just bypass all slot limitation and gives to groups who want to avoid limit of slot. In config file you can set your own limit of slots ;) When people join with this permissions then no one will be kicked off.

You have to remember that you have to take a look at your ram because it's very important here. If you have a lot of free RAM and limited slots or you want to reserve vip slots without kicking off other people then this plugin is ideal for you :) In v1.2 There will be one test possibility with motd for testing purpose.


  • bypass.slot - allows specified group to bypass slot

How to use ?

  • Just put it in your plugins folder and run server. Then change config.
  • In config you can change slot limit, which is more important than slot limiter from :D.

It's little and very powerful plugin so use it carefully :)


Before you use this plugin check term of use your server MC hosting if there's no any info about using plugins like this.


This plugin uses MCSTATS to see how many servers have this plugin and how many players uses this.


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