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BuildPaste is a minecraft plugin that makes it easy to copy and paste buildings into your world. It can be used to quickly design your servers. In combination with the website https://buildpaste.net you can copy a build by clicking 'Copy' on the website and by then typing '/paste' in the minecraft chat the building will generate right next to you in your world.

You can also upload your own buildings to our database by selecting two positions using the commands '/pos1' and '/pos2' or by using the 'Position Selector' Item and then typing '/upload'. You can obtain the position selctor by typing '/selector'

Note: This Mod only works in combination with buildpaste.net


Copy Minecraft Buildings:

Copy Builds


Paste Minecraft Buildings:

Paste Builds


Upload Buildings:

Upload Builds



Download as Forge for singleplayer: BuildPaste Mod - CurseForge


Make sure that you are using the Java version of Minecraft.