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Players can join a faction by:


  -creating one (can be edited to cost CCs);

  -joining one (using /f join).


After joining, they can claim any chunk that was not already claimed ( using /f claim ).

No one can remove other player claimed chunks.


Note: the chunks owner can only lose them when he is kicked from his faction!


Claiming chunks will spend CCs.

Those can be granted by completing the minecraft advancements.

The amount given is based on the difficulty of the advancement:

Normal - 1CC | Goal - 2CCs | Challenge - 3CCs |

This can be edit using /bf advancements. 


There are 3 faction ranks: Owner, admin and member.

All of them can edit the claimed chunks of the players in the faction.

The purpose of the ranks is just for restricting members from using the following commands:


  -/f home set;

  -/f home rename;

  -/f home relocate;

  -/f home remove;

  -/f kick;

  -/f invite;

  -/f promote;

  -/f unpromote;

  -/f rename;


Note: only the owner can kick players and rename the faction name.




By default, the BF plugin will only be activated on a world named "world" (if it exists).


Altought, you can select the worlds where you want to activate this plugin

( using /bf overworld add ).


You can also costumize each one of them ( using /bf overworld edit ) by:


  -Editing the anti-grief mechanic (sets a block limit per player);

  -Enabling/Disabling building outside claimed chunks;

  -Editing claimed chunk settings;

  -Editing faction home settings;

  -Editing teleport settings;

  -Editing chunk/home areas.


Note: spawns only allow you to use commands that aren't related to a specific world.


Base Commands







Note: typing a base command will show all the arguments information.




  -"bf.dcc" ( for editing claimed territory );
  -"bf.console" ( for editing BF settings);
  -"" ( for editing player CCs );

  -"" ( for viewing player information ).


Source Code


  GitHub Repository




If you encounter any bugs, have some idea you would like to share or just want to leave a thought, comment here bellow.


This will be very useful to future improvements and i really appreciate it.


Have fun!



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