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Dynamic signs & notifiers!

Dynamic sign Dynamic sign

Every round a random player will be chosen to be the builder!


The builder needs to build the word he got from chatting box. In this example it's "duck".


( Epic fail.. )

Other players? Guess the word! First correct guess will earn you 3 points, after that 1 point.


What's this?

Build It is a plugin inspired from ItsJerryAndHarry. One builder will be randomly chosen per round, and others need to get what he's building. First people that is correct will get 3 points, others get 1 point. Builder will get 2 points if anyone guessed right - but only one-time. After all players built, game over and the player with highest score win the match.


  • Lightweight and clean
  • Multiple arenas
  • Setup wizard
  • Scoreboard support
  • Autostart the game
  • Dynamic signs
  • Different notifiers like redstone lamps and wools
  • Customizable word list

How to play?

Just talked about it above. :D

How to install?

1. Download, and put into your plugin folder. 2. Reload your server. 3. Done!

How to use?

  1. Install it, reload your server.
  2. Type /build create [name] to create an arena. The setup wizard should start.
  3. Follow the instructions!
  4. NOTE: Plugin only do some basic protection itself (no placing lava, TNT). You need to use WorldGuard, to prevent players from building in specator area, or prevent players to fly out the arena. You must do this protection yourself since everyone's arena size and style are not the same.
  5. If you found that this plugin doesn't have some basic protections, like players are able to place boats, I can code it for you. But for advanced protections, please use WorldGuard.

Join signs & Notifiers

Line 1: [Build It] Line 2: arena name

Put a redstone lamp on sign like screenshots do, then you are good to go ;)


  • /build - Main command.
  • /build create [name] - Create an arena and enter the setup wizard.
  • /build setlobby - Set the lobby where players got teleported when they type /build lobby or end their matches
  • /build join [name] - Join an arena.
  • /build leave - Leave current arena.
  • /build lobby - Teleport to lobby.


  • Be an OP - Access admin commands.

More permissions will be added in 0.2.


# Add many words as you like!
# Default word list contains strange word like penis. Edit them if you don't want XD
- apple
- boy
- cat
- dog
- egg


  1. Advanced permissions
  2. Forfeit sign
  3. Cheat reporting sign
  4. More than 1 round per player


Wanna support my development? Donate to buy me some coffee :P

(For unknown reasons, I can't receive donations for my Paypal account. If you wish to do that, you can directly send it here: ;) )


If you want to add anything new, or want some custom features, find me on Skype: TigerHiskype Please, don't ask me to help you add a lot of features and trade me like I'm your slave. Programming is 10x harder than setting up your server. ;)

Hey, this plugin doesn't work for me.

Bugs are excepted since the development stage is early. Find bugs? Create a ticket! Please do not post at comment section. :)

If you have suggestions, then feel free to post them :D (As I said above, don't make 100 requests and just throw them to me..)

About VIP features

This public plugin WILL NOT have any VIP feature. That means I WILL NOT place VIP permissions or items in this. All items are opened for all players. That's no way you can make money from a free plugin.



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