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Finally! The BlackSmith update we have all been waiting for!! Along with 4 new signs, and a whole new way to configure we bring you the all new rewrite in BlackSmith 2.2! :D As before you can use an economy plugin or a materials engine to view the price of, and repair your tools, but now you have access to almost ANY economy plugin along with “enchant”, “dismantle” and “free” signs! We also have a “kill” sign to help you test your setup...but its only for dev mode :P ! With an economy engine you can manually configure the base prices for each type of tool and each type of enchant! This way a diamond shovel, using one diamond, will NOT cost the same to repair as compared to a diamond chestplate consisting of 8 diamonds! We now also offer permissions support allowing you to decide what your users are allowed to do!


Making the Blacksmith signs can be done in as little as 3 steps!

  1. Place a sign and on the first line write: "[Blacksmith]"!
  2. On the second line write the name of one of the sign types!
  • NOTE: The sign types are: "Value", "Repair", "Dismantle", "Enchant", "Free"
  • Remember: Case does NOT matter!




  • Economy engine
  • Blacksmith 2.2 currently can support these economy engines OR use materials!:
    • AEco
    • CraftConomy
    • CurrenyCore
    • Essentials Economy
    • McMoney
    • MineConomy
    • MultiCurrency
    • BOSEConomy 6 or 7
    • iConomy (4, 5 or 6)
  • Permissions engine
  • Blacksmith 2.2 has a soft depend for a permissions engine. Currently you can choose between any of the below:
    • None: OP has all perms.
    • Any sperm plugin (Bukkit SuperPerms)
    • Permissions EX


  • (11/8/2012) V2.2.1
    • Update to be more compatible with bukkit 1.3.1.
    • Permissions engine sometimes failed loading.
    • Dismantling failed to work when HYBRID was not set economy type
    • Update MineConomy engine to newer version. (Thanks MjolnirCommando!)
    • Update Items to newer version, removing already deprecated alias section.
    • Update items.yml to 1.3.
  • (9/6/2012) V2.2
    • Added 3 new signs!!! Allowing enchanting, dismantling, and free repair of the tool!
    • Added a “Kill” sign to help with initial server-side testing! (dev mode only)
    • Added support for almost every economy system in use!
    • Added derp fix to “Prices”!
    • Added a “/bs enchants” command for users to easily see the correct enchantment formats!

  • (7/4/2012) V2.1
    • Fixed bug related to PermissionsEX
    • Added ability to repair bows
    • Added ability to repair chain armor.
  • (5/4/2012) V2.0
    • Release
    • update to 1.2.5
    • permissions support
    • economy support

If you have any concerns or suggestions feel free to use the bukkit ticket system and Thidox or I (Holyviruss) will get back to you as soon as possible!


You guys have probably heard many plugin creators say: "Plugins take a long time to create so please donate if you feel like it! :)" .. and in all honesty its absolutely true! Think about it this way, many servers will make "donator" ranks that offer permissions to special plugins like Blacksmith to encourage people to donate which in turn counters your hard work put into making the server...we on the other hand provide you this plugin absolutely free! If you think we have helped you out in anyway please donate by clicking the donate button above or clicking here, and maybe we can help you out in other ways as well (cool custom plugin?) !!! :D