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The server admins have the ability to set the base prices for each of the materials as well as the ability to set the ecoEngine! You have the ability to choose wether or not you want to use permissions, and is ops should have all permissions! You may also set the base price for your economy plugin. This means the price for of one of the tools, allowing the plugin to not charge the same for a something with only 1 diamond, as it would with something that consists of 8 diamonds keeping the servers economy in shape. The new enchantment modifier allows you to set the percent they are charged more per enchantment level. With the new dismantle sign you can choose whether you want your players to only be able to dismantle when their tool is at full durability or receive the materials according to the durability of the tool. You can also set the Dismantle Divider, which sets the dismantling cost in accordance to the repair cost…. so a divider of 2 would charge the player ½ of what it would cost to repair that tool! We also now allow you guys to also set base prices for enchantment costs for the new Enchant sign!


Here you can define what you would like to charge for each tool in terms of repairing tools. For each tool there is a you can define items you require the player to have to repair the tool! The correct spelling for these items is defined in the items.yml!


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