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Full ChangeLog

Version 2.5.1

  • Fixed NPE
  • Properly checks for new bodies vs its cache
  • Properly checks for how often to save bodies to disk (in case of crash)
  • Fixed bug when checking if player has permission to use /btb command
  • Now clears all tasks when disabled to be reload-safe

Version 2.5

  • Supports Register, which allows for most major economies to be used.
  • Added config option to allow for a player's teleport location to be removed when their items de-spawn.
  • Added config option to choose how often player death locations are saved. Options are always, never, or a time in seconds.
  • Added configurable flavor text when the player receives an in-game alert.
  • Added multi-world support.
  • All location data is now stored in a single file.

Version 2.4

  • Fixed bug where player would teleport without enough money to pay for it
  • Fixed permissions problem
  • Now uses native permissions

Version 2.3

  • Updated to support iConomy v5
  • Better color support
  • Improved flavor text
  • Less complex/smaller code = faster code

Version 2.2

  • Fixed that REALLY stupid permissions bug. Works now.

Version 2.1

  • Fixes bug where you could use /btb without dying and it would send you to the void.
  • You can only return to your corpse once after death now.

Version 2.0

  • Defaults to OP when permissions isn't enabled.

Version 1.9

  • Seems like I forgot to update the command constructor to the newer format which should have happened a long time ago. If people have been having issues, this may have been why.

Version 1.8

  • Fixed the bug where Permissions support wasn't optional.

Version 1.7

  • Should fix any problems caused by 617

Version 1.6

  • Implemented Permissions. Node: backtobody.btb
  • Removed a whole class, cutting size down to nearly half.
  • A few more code improvements to further improve resource use.

Version 1.5

  • Few more code improvements to improve resource use.

Version 1.4

  • Slimmed down the code to improve speed and take up less space as well as adding support for RB 602.
  • Changed the name of the config file from settings.txt to config.txt and .loc files are now stored in a /players/ folder.
  • Removed Pitch from being stored since it wasn't needed and tended to be more annoying than helpful.
  • "price" is now called "cost"
  • Added some "flavor text" when returning to your body or when you don't have enough to pay.

Version 1.3

  • Introduced a config file for setting the cost of a teleport back to where they died. (courtesy of Lolmen)

Version 1.2

  • Few small fixes to help keep it from using extra resources

Version 1.1

  • Updated to comply with new constructor.

Version 1.0

  • Release of BackToBody


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