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BackToBody - Post-death Player Warper

Current Version: 3.2

BackToBody is a plugin that watches for when a player dies and then records their exact location. When they respawn they can instantly teleport back to where they were when they died by using the /btb command. It's as simple as that! Now has Vault support to charge a player before they can teleport to where they died.


  • Allows for player to return to last place of death
  • Supports Vault, which allows for supporting most major economy plugins.

Permissions Node:

  • backtobody.btb

Config file

  • cost: The amount of money it costs to use /btb (only works if Vault is installed)
  • decay: When true, you'll only be able to use /btb for a limited amount of time before the command expires. 
  • decay-time: The amount of time (in seconds) before the /btb command expires after death.
  • grace-period: After using /btb, you will not take any damage for this amount of time in seconds.