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AdvancedWarp by skipperguy12


Advancedwarp is a plugin created by me, skipperguy12. Why would I create a plugin that has been done so many times? This plugin is unlike any other, it allows adding commands for warping on the fly. You no longer need to do /warp <warpname>, when you can just do /<warpname>!


This plugin 1 core command, for simplicity! Core command: /fwarp <set/remove/list> set: add a new command and set the warp permission node: advancedwarp.set remove: remove the command and the warp permission node: advancedwarp.remove list: List all the current warps permission node: advancedwarp.list


This plugin was created for simplicity and more features. The installation is as easy as drag and drop! The plugin will generate a config file, which I don't suggest you touch unless necessary!


Need something customized? Add me on Skype! skipperguy12