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Quickly add invisible light sources to your map.


Simple light


WorldEdit selection light


Enable the plugin using the command /AddLight enable then left click any item or inside a WorldEdit selection with glowstone dust to add invisible light source. You can also remove the light source by right clicking.


Commands :

  • /AddLight help : Display AddLight help
  • /AddLight [enable|on] : Enable light creation
  • /AddLight [disable|off] : Disable light creation
  • /AddLight ConnectedBlocks : Create lights to all connected blocks (be very carreful)
  • /AddLight <number>: Define light intensity (1-15)
  • /AddLight [reload] : Reload plugin


Permissions :

  • AddLight.admin : Allows creation of light to admin users
  • AddLight.user : Allows creation of light to any users
  • AddLight.use : Allows a user to use this plugin
  • AddLight.worldedit : AddLight can apply to a WorldEditSelection
  • AddLight.connected : AddLight can apply to any connected blocks
  • AddLight.intensity : user can change the light intensity
  • AddLight.bypass.cost : user with this permission will not be charged
  • AddLight.admin
    • AddLight.use
    • AddLight.worldedit
    • AddLight.connected
    • AddLight.intensity
  • AddLight.user
    • AddLight.use


Config :

The plugin use metrics and an integrated updater.
Both can be disabled in config.yml


If you want to charge your players in glowstone or money, look into config.yml


I recommend to use WorldEditCUI Forge Edition