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The wild boars have arrived on Bedrock!

What this add:

  • new creature: the wild boar
  • tamable like horses
  • equip saddle
  • equip chests
  • lead working
  • natural spawn in cold biomes with grass
  • breed with all the Vanilla roots (potatoes, carrots, beetroot, golden carrots)
  • new mechanics: boars interact with dirt and coarse dirt and transform it in mud
  • new food (can cook in all food stations, Holiday Creator Features needed to use it)

Find them in the cold biomes, tame them, ride them and breed with the roots of Vanilla game.


Boar mounted

Rideable and chestable, run around the world and heat the new roasted boar item.

Boar post
New mechanic on the dirt and coarse dirt with wild boars, they will dig and convert them in mud.