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Warden Equipment



This addon should be compatible with any other active addons. (Does not use player.json)


Make sure to turn on "Holiday Creator Features" AND "Experimental Molang Features!"


–– Preview of the Warden Armor ––

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This addon includes:


|---------- New Warden Drops ----------|

New Warden Drops:


Warden Heart: 100% drop rate, qty. 1 


Warden Tendrils: 100% drop rate, qty. 2



|---------- New Repairs ----------|

Warden Armor & Echo Tool Repairs:


*All Warden armor, Echo tools, and the Echo staff will be repairable with the Warden Heart, Warden Tendrils, and Echo Shards with an anvil*



Warden Heart: Repairs 100% durability


Echo Shards: Repairs 66% durability


Warden Tendrils: Repairs 33% durability


Same Item: Repairs 5% + other item's durability



|---------- Warden Armor Stats----------|

Warden Armor Stats:


**A full set of Warden armor is required to activate the Warden armor's special abilities**



 1. Applies the darkness effect for 10 seconds right after a full set of Warden Armor is equipped
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2. Gain permanent Night Vision and Darkness & Blindness resistance



3. Gain a unique mob tracking ability: 


– mobs within a radius of 25 blocks are pinged by an echo for 5 seconds. 

**Does not track players**

– The echo can be seen through walls!
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Warden Helmet: 5 bars of protection, 495 durability when equipped

In comparison, Netherite Helmet has: 3 bars of protection, 407 durability when equipped



Warden Chestplate: 11 bars of protection, 720 durability when equipped

Netherite Chestplate: 8 bars of protection, 592 durability when equipped



Warden Leggings: 8 bars of protection, 675 durability when equipped

Netherite Leggings: 6 bars of protection, 555 durability when equipped



Warden Boots: 4 bars of protection, 585 durability when equipped

Netherite Boots: 3 bars of protection, 481 durability when equipped



**In case you were wondering, here's a graph comparing the Warden Armor protection dropoff to Diamond:**



|---------- Echo Tools Stats ----------|

Echo Tools Stats:


Echo Sword: 8 damage, 3122 durability, 15 speed

Netherite Sword: 8 damage, 2031 durability, 15 speed


Echo Pickaxe: 6 damage, 3122 durability, 9 speed

Netherite Pickaxe: 6 damage, 2031 durability, 9 speed 


Echo Axe: 7 damage, 3122 durability, 9 speed

Netherite Axe: 7 damage, 2031 durability, 9 speed 


Echo Shovel: 5 damage, 3122 durability, 9 speed

Netherite Shovel: 5 damage, 2031 durability, 9 speed 


Echo Hoe: 6 damage, 3122 durability, 9 speed

Netherite Hoe: 6 damage, 2031 durability, 9 speed 


|---------- Echo Staff Stats ----------|

Echo Staff Stats:



Echo Staff: 

3122 durability, Does not break any blocks


Normal hit (Left Click - Staff): 

0 damage (same as fist)


Cast (Right Click - Staff):

10 magic damage to mobs, 5 magic damage to players

uses 15 durability

0.64 second charge, 3 second duration, 10 second cooldown

Range of 10 blocks, the chance of hitting an enemy decreases the further away they are

Close ----------> Far

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siphons XP from mobs that are hit

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|---------- 3D Models and Recipes ----------|

3D Models:


Full set of Warden Armor and Echo sword equipped


Echo staff and Echo pickaxe equipped


Armor Recipes:


Warden Helmet

Warden Chestplate

Warden Leggings

Warden Boots



 Tool Recipes:


Echo Staff

Echo Sword

Echo Pickaxe

Echo Axe

Echo Shovel

Echo Hoe



Where to find the items:


Enjoy the addon! 





Watch this video for more details about the addon!

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