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It is the separate version of Bottom Chat from the main VDX (Legacy Desktop UI), that is, only the chat element in the HUD and its own screen are modified. Making it compatible for most other resource packs with modified inventory UI. And again, you don't need VDX: Legacy Desktop UI for bottom chat to take effect. It's just only bottom chat element. ;)

Includes 3 optional modes in subpacks:
-Normal Bottom Chat
-Clear BG Bottom Chat (Only HUD)
-Clear BG Bottom Chat (Both HUD and Screen)

Terms of use:

You’re allowed to:

  • Make review about this pack, as long as you credit me as “@CrisXolt”. And put original download link in description (This Curse Forge forum post).

You’re NOT allowed to:

  • Make customized APK/APPX and monetized content (pirate modifications), no one will have the permission.
  • Steal my JSON and UIDX file and my code design claiming this work as your, no one will have the permission. Specially not modify/erase the text in the first line code in each .json file. (Example text: //File Made/Modified by @CrisXolt).
  • Repost this resource pack made by me in other pages, no one will have the permission.
  • Do not use for third-party projects, much less to merge with "Concept Clients" resource packs, no one will have the permission.


If you have any more questions about this, please let me know by sending a message on discord server: CrisXolt's Refuge.


Just enjoy and good luck! ;D