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Vampire craft - Vampires, werewolves and hunters

With this addon it is now possible to become the strongest being in all of Minecraft. So try what in the opinion of many is the best vampire and werewolf addon for minecraft bedrock.



The addon has unique mechanics to transform the experience of playing Minecraft like drinking blood... Unique mechanics for vampires, where he must drink blood to not end up dying of thirst.

Read more about this mechanic on our official wiki: https://wiki.sunrise-studio.site/addons/vampire-craft/features/#drink-blood

It is possible to transform into a vampire or werewolf using your fangs, which are dropped when you kill one of them... Wait 5 min and the transformation will be complete. After having already become a vampire or werewolf, it is possible to unlock skills at the blood altar and use them using the item that appears in the player's inventory at the end of the transformation.

See more about becoming a vampire: https://wiki.sunrise-studio.site/addons/vampire-craft/features/#become-a-vampire

See more about becoming a werewolf: https://wiki.sunrise-studio.site/addons/vampire-craft/features/#become-a-werewolf

See more about unlocking and using skills: https://wiki.sunrise-studio.site/addons/vampire-craft/features/#unlock-new-abilities



Black forest

The black forest, is the new biome that the addon addon, in it at night has a great incidence of monsters and structure. A dangerous place, but with rewards that are worth the risk.



To answer questions, suggestions, problems or anything else, get in touch via the official Sunrise Studios discord

Mention @pedro_denovo and we will help you 👍

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Read more about Vampire Craft on the official addon wiki page.

wiki page: https://wiki.sunrise-studio.site/addons/vampire_craft/



Thanks to nextplumestudio for the Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese translations.