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Thanks to this accessory you will be able to use a torch to light your path. It will also allow you to add the torch on the second hand and light your path more efficiently. The plugin is available for versions 1.20.x.


Changes V2

- Added lighting for soul torch and redstone torch
- Added soul torch and redstone torch for second hand
- Made compatible with 1.20.8x
- Improved the code for error resolution.



When using the addon you will be able to realize that by having a torch in your hand it will light up at night just by having it in your hand, to use it in the second hand you must put a torch in the crafting area or in the inventory or on the table of crafting and this will give you a torch capable of being placed in the secondary hand.


Here is a small example of what was mentioned in the previous text about the second-hand torch craft.


By obtaining this new item, as its name says, it will allow you to place the item in the 2nd hand and thus be able to light your way using the 2nd hand.