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Tinkers' Construct is a Java mod, first created by mDiyo, now reimagined for Bedrock Edition in the form of Tinkers' Bedrock! This add-on adds a variety of new tools and weapons to the game, along with some extra features.

It adds 14 unique, customisable tools. While there are basic vanilla materials, like wood, stone and iron, there are now various unique ones, such as bone, flint, and even brand new alloys like manyullyn and pig iron, which are recreated to the best of my ability and maintained to be used in 1.20.80 and 1.21!




As of v2.0, this add-on has been split into separate modules to improve performance for lower-end devices, so you can pick which features you want.

Modules are basically standalone parts of the add-on that you can use by themselves if you wanted to.

These are seen as Behaviour Packs.

  • If using the Smeltery module, make sure it is placed above the others, to avoid breaking the progression chain.
  • The Core module is needed for the others to work properly (besides gadgetry), providing all the new ores and alloys in the add-on.
  • The other modules are completely optional, depending on how you want to play the game.


As for resource packs, the Tinkers' Bedrock [RP] is all you need for all the modules to work.

Side Note: Glory Days was an optional overlay pack that brings back the classic 1.12 Java textures. Rest assured, this may return in a later update.


Core Module

In this module, there are 3 new ores to find in your world, with also 4 new alloys to create for your tools.

Without the Smeltery module, you simply make these alloys in a crafting table.



This is an ore as common as copper and is one major component for the smeltery, and is found between Y levels 0 and 100.

Extra Notes: Can be alloyed to make Alumite.




This is a rare ore which is found in the nether, and is found between Y levels 24 and 96.

Material Trait: Momentum - You mine faster after mining multiple blocks in a row.

Extra Notes: Fast mining speed.




This is also a rare ore which is found in the nether, and is found between Y levels 48 and 128.

Extra Notes: High durability, tool textures remastered by Tomanex.




Made with: Iron + Copper

Material Trait: Dense - Last 40% of durability has chance to not be lost.


Pig Iron

Made with: 2 Iron + 1 Blood + 1 Honey

Material Trait: Tasty - Your tool can be eaten a bit at a time.



Made with: 3 Aluminium + 1 Iron + 1 Obsidian

Material Trait: Bountiful - Mining raw materials has chance to drop extra nuggets/shards.



Made with: Cobalt + Ardite

Extra Notes: High attack damage.


Arsenal Module



A base schematic used for both tool parts and workstations.



Materials and You

The guidebook for this module. Has 37 pages.

Use as a reference throughout this module.



Crafting Station

A Tinkers' Style Crafting Table.

 Crafting Station

Tool Handles

All your tools use wooden handles, craftable in just a crafting table.

However, a tough handle is used for broader tools.


 Tough Handle


Part Builder

This is a table required for making parts for tools (other than tool handles).

All you'd need is a few patterns, and the tool material you want to use.

 Part Builder


Tinker Station

This is a table used to combine the parts to make your tools.

 Tinker Station



A tool will lose durability after use, so luckily you can repair it whenever in an anvil, using the head material.

However, if you are unfortunate enough for it to break, you can still repair it as you get a broken variant of it, but you will need a Repair Station.

Note: All enchants will be lost if a tool breaks.

 Repair Station


Tinker's Forge

This block is an upgraded Tinker Station, which allows you to make more advanced tools.

Tinkers Forge




"A precise mining tool, effective on stone and ores."



"A precise digging tool, effective on dirt, sand, etc."



"A basic chopping tool, effective on wood and leaves."



"A versatile farming tool, effective on wood, dirt, etc."



"A versatile sweeping weapon."



"A offensive weapon, with a unique lunge mechanic."



"A special weapon, partly bypassing armor through quick strikes."


Frying Pan

"A heavy weapon, inflicting knockback and bonk sounds."

Frying Pan


"A broad mining tool, which can mine in a 3x3 area."
Requires a Tinker's Forge.



"A broad digging tool, which can mine in a 3x3 area."
Requires a Tinker's Forge.


Broad Axe

"A broad chopping tool, which can mine in a 3x3 area."
Requires a Tinker's Forge.

Broad Axe


"A heavy offensive weapon, dealing powerful strikes."
Requires a Tinker's Forge.



"A broad reaping tool, capable of sweeping mobs and moving crops."

Requires a Tinker's Forge.



"A short ranged throwing weapon."

Requires a Tinker's Forge.

(Projectile model made possible by HaxTheCharizard)




Along with crafting tools, some new armors are now available to craft, providing unique abilities.

(More armor types may be added in the future, and current functionality may change).


Wooden Armor

Simply some bark scraps to protect yourself from the deadly environment.

No boots this time, pal.

 Wood Rec

Gladiator Armor

A bronze shell. Charge through danger with this heavy, but powerful armor.

 Glad Rec

Vanguard Armor

Fly past mobs with this speedy and fashionable mix of cobalt and iron.

 Vang Rec

Samurai Armor

Manyullyn at its full potential. Blaze across the world in this fearsome padding!

 Sam Rec


Samurai is currently the only armor that requires a Tinker's Forge.


Smeltery Module


With this module active, metal tool parts are no longer craftable in the Part Builder, and require a Smeltery to progress.


This block is needed to make seared bricks and is crafted with clay, sand and gravel.


Seared Brick

This item is used to make Seared Bricks, or components for the smeltery.

Seared Brick 

Mighty Smelting

The guidebook for this module. Has 15 pages.

Smeltery Book

Seared Bricks

This is mainly a decorative block, and its appearance can be changed by placing it in the stonecutter.

Seared Brick Block

Seared Tanks and Gauges

These are used to store lava and molten metals.






  • Early Smeltery
  • Fuelled with coal
  • Fuel Capacity: 400mb
  • Fluid Capacity: 3 Ingots



What is "mB"?

"mB" stands for milli-buckets, so 1000mb = 1 bucket. This is used to measure how much fuel you have left.

For example, 1000mb is the required fuel to melt 10 ingots, so smelting an Iron Block will consume 900mB of fuel at once.


There are a few ways of moving about your molten fluid:

Aluminium Cans

Holds one ingot worth of fluid per can (molten buckets hold 2 ingots worth).


Seared Faucets

Instead of carrying about your fluid, you can directly pour it out from your melter.


Seared Channels

Instead of having your faucets tied to one place, you can use channels to pour fluid to your casting containers from as far away from the melter as you like!


Channel 2


Casting Table

This is vital for making metal tool parts and is essentially an upgraded part builder.

 Casting Table

Sand Casts

Before you get access to gold, you can create disposable sand casts, that are single-use.

Sand Cast Rec

 Sand Cast

Gold Casts

These casts can be reused as much as you like!

 Gold Cast

Both of these casts are used to shape molten fluid into the desired tool part.

 Cast Parts


Casting Basin

This is a much faster way of getting metal blocks than the casting table.





  • 3x3 internal size
  • Up to 3 layers capacity
  • Gives 2 ingots per ore
  • Able to alloy
  • Fuelled with lava
  • Fuel Capacity: 1000mb
  • Fluid Capacity per layer: 9 ingots

Smeltery Controller

The main component for a smeltery.

To make it, pour some molten aluminium on top of a Seared Heater, while in a Casting Basin.




Building a smeltery requires to have a 3x3 bottom, with 1 to 3 block tall walls surrounding it.

Make sure to also place the controller in the centre of the wall.

Activate it by either pouring lava directly into the controller, or having a tank next to it.

Like the melter, interact with the material you want to smelt, and it will be added the smeltery.




Seared Grate

To directly interact with the fluid and move it around, you can use grates with aluminium cans to take it wherever you like.

This allows you to rearrange layers of the smeltery with ease.


Grate Function

While Fluid on lower layers may look full, they may not be. The grates allow you to interact with fluid as if they were at the top of the pile!

How to use:

  • Interact with your bare hand to check how much fluid (out of 9 ingots) is stored on that layer.
  • Interact with Aluminium Cans to deposit or withdraw fluid from an existing layer (use the controller to add new fluid).


Gadgetry Module

Tinker’s Gadgetry

The guidebook for this module. Has 12 pages.


Slime Islands

Across the ocean, you will find a small green island, home to slimes.


Slime Sling and Slime Boots

A slime sling allows you to shoot yourself into the sky from blocks, as an essential method of travel.

Slime Boots script code provided by HaxTheCharizard.



Even more additions!

Drying Rack

This block is used to dry food and turn it into jerky or leather. It will take around 5 minutes for raw food to dry and around 8.5 minutes for cooked food to dry.


Nice Racks


This block can be stacked upon itself to create a sturdy barrier against enemies.




This placeable item allows you to light up floors, without the use of a torch.

 Glowing Balls

Punji Sticks

Transforming bamboo into deadly mob traps.

 Puow Puow Sticks


A fancy stone providing a slippery surface to run on.

Can be smelted and made into various other variants in the stonecutter.




Vanilla Equipment Remover

Find the game too easy?

This bonus pack removes the ability to craft any vanilla tools, weapons and even armor.

While they can still be found as loot, this pack essentially forces you to rely on the tools and armour provided by the Arsenal module, to give you that extra challenge.

Worth the challenge? Try it out!

Updating from v2.0

If you have had the add-on beforehand in an existing world, it is important to know that not everything will remain in your game as it should.

For example:

  • All pre-existing tinkers tools will disappear from your inventory, due to them having new identifiers
  • Any renamed/removed parts will disappear from your inventory
  • All existing patterns are no longer needed, so will will disappear from your inventory
  • You may need to break and replace your Part Builder
  • Smeltery blocks may need breaking and replacing (mainly the Smeltery Controller, Casting Table and Seared Channels)
  • Remove any casts already placed in Casting Tables
  • Molten Buckets have been removed, so ensure to remove any stored fluid from buckets to avoid losing any fluid
  • Destroy any placed down Tinkers' Anvils, as they have changed into a 'Tinker's Forge' instead

If you do still want to keep your old worlds with Tinkers on them, you still can, just ensure you acknowledge the info above.

Ensure you have completed these steps before swapping to the newer version.

Applying to a world

To get access to all the features, make sure to tick these experimental boxes.

In addition, make sure to enable 1.21 Features, as tools, like the hammer, will not work correctly without it.



Tinkers' Bedrock

  • Stratospheer - Developer
  • HaxTheCharizard - Slime Boots and Extras
  • Tomanex - New Material Texturing

Tinkers' Construct 2

  • KnightMiner - Developer
  • mDiyo - Original Author of the mod
  • Alexbegt - Developer/Updating
  • Firedingo - General Task Support
  • Drullkus - Villager textures
  • Anbaric - Pattern chest and part chest model

Tinkers' Construct <= 1.7.10

  • fuj1n - Landmines, Former Developer
  • progwml6 - Former Developer
  • Fudgy_Fetus - Cutlasses
  • NekoGloop - Thaumium Textures
  • Skyboy - New tool renderer
  • Zerokyuuni - Battlegear support
  • Vexatos - Translations
  • BluSunrize - Casting Channels
  • tonius11 - NEI Support
  • baddaspig - Slime Crystal graphics