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Update v2.0

New changes to this amazing addon! Now, a potion is no longer necessary to summon the king. Instead, you will have to craft the cursed soil torch and overcome waves to charge the king's devastating power, allowing him to emerge from the ground.

New Guide Book

How to summon the king

You will need to find the cursed torch in the chests of an ancient city. Additionally, you must have defeated the Wither and obtained its Nether Star to light the torch with the appropriate crafting.

Cursed Land

When you place the torch and stand near it, it will start generating waves of 4 guard skeletons. Each time you defeat a guard near the torch, it will consume them and gain a charge. Every 4 skeletons the torch consumes, it will level up, emit a distinctive sound, and a flame will begin to spin around it.

When it reaches the maximum level, which is 5, the torch will disappear, and the summoning of the skeleton king will begin.


Mini Skeleton Horde: Summons 6 mini skeletons that will attack anything in their path. Be cautious, as their hits will slow you down, and upon death, they release the potion on their backs, causing splash damage to any non-undead entity. The skeletons come equipped with a shield and helmet that will mitigate 100% of the damage they receive, but they will break after a while.

Lightning: Unleashes a series of lightning bolts on the nearest player or in a straight line if not found. You will see particles a second before a lightning bolt hits the ground, so stay alert.

Fire Prison: The ground will be ablaze around the nearest player, and the flames will follow this pattern "#". Before the fire spreads, you will hear a warning sound two seconds in advance.

Skeleton King Phase II - Wither

Once the Skeleton King receives lethal damage, he will begin to regenerate his life while transforming his iconic sword into a crossbow. Once his transformation is complete, he will change his appearance to a darker one, and bats will start to spawn around him, causing damage to any entity that is not a skeleton. This is the moment to stay at a distance and attack. His crossbow fires a series of 3 arrows with instant damage II, so you must be cautious of these projectiles.


Once you have defeated the Skeleton King, he will fall, and a final lightning bolt will strike him, disarming him and releasing the great skeleton sword. Just take it; you earned it!

Skeleton Sword

This sword deals 10+ damage and has the ability to summon 4 skeletons that will ruthlessly attack your enemies. They do not carry the area damage potion, so they won't be a problem for you.


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