Quark Vanilla Resource Overrides (Bedrock)

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Official Quark artwork for the cancelled feature

Quark Vanilla Resource Overrides is the port of a cancelled feature of Quark to a resourcepack, which can be used either with Quark on Forge, or purely on default, mod-less Minecraft.

This is the Bedrock Edition version, for the Java Edition version go in here.



What do NC and OC Mean? Which One Should I Use?


NC: NC means "No Chest". The NC branch of the pack doesn't touch at all in the vanilla Chests. It should be used if either you are using Quark or you prefer the vanilla Chest to the Oak Wood-styled one.
OC: OC means "Oak Chest". The OC branch of the pack should be used if you both aren't using Quark and prefer the oak-styled Chest.



All credits go to the original Quark creators, especially MCVinnyq, the creator of most of these textures, Endergy, creator of the chest textures, and Farcr, creator of the furnace bottom textures.
Permission from Vazkii, Quark's creator, to create this pack is in the Images section.


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