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WHO WILL BE THE BEST TRAINER? Here is the POKEMOD addon. Craft your pokeball in your survival! Catch your favorite 1st generation starter! Build your arena and challenge your friends to an epic Pokémon battle!


Mod on the Pokemon theme. In a village far from your survival, a villager told you about a new item you can make. After gathering the necessary components, you find yourself with a Pokeball in your hands. A real Pokeball! You absolutely have to go and test it right away!  Your trainer's soul is on fire and you'll be able to throw Pokeballs at any Pokémon you find! Catch them all!

Once your Pokemon is caught, it will defend you during your game and can never disappear. If it dies, call it back into its Pokeball and summon it back whenever you want! If you invite a friend on your survival and he creates a team, you will be able to fight him in crazy battles! Finally, a new Pokedex-inspired user interface has been installed for your immersion.






The mod's new features :

  • New UI boss bar !
  • + 3 New Rideable pokemons : Lapas(can swim), Arcanine(can run), Pidgeot(can fly)
  • Charmander, Squirtle, Pikachu, Bulbasaur have refreshed textures.
  • Charmander do not attack after the sitting order.
  • Machoke do not attack after the sitting order.
  • Throwable pokeballs stack upgrade to 64.
  • Pikachu attack reworked.
  • Charmander attack control reworked.
  • Some Polemons couldn't climb any block - Fixed


This pack is a Bedrock exclusive content. It contains:

  • 3 Rideable pokemons : Lapas(can swim), Arcanine(can run), Pidgeot(can fly)
  • 3 new legendary bosses : Zapdos, Moltres and Articuno
  • A new type : Ice
  • Zapdos, Moltres and Articuno must be summoned by the rune, which you can craft by collecting feathers in the wild.
  • Pokéballs must now be picked up from the ground once the pokémon has been caught by clicking on them.
  • 5 Pokemon types (appear in their respective biomes)
  • 1 survival mode Pokéball
  • UI inspired by the Pokédex
  • Custom sounds
  • Custom particles
  • Custom animations for each Pokemon
  • 3 new legendary bosses to summon by collecting feathers in the various biomes
  • 8 exclusive skins



Additional informations:

  • Find your Pokemon and throw it a Pokeball (action button). Capture percentage included.
  • When your Pokemon dies it does not disappear, you can call it back into its Pokeball.
  • You have to start the battle by attacking your target (e.g. with a snowball).- You can heal your Pokemon by giving it a certain type of plant.
  • You can put your Pokemon to sleep, this action will give it back all its life.
  • It will follow you in your survival and attack your targets.
  • Pikachu has a lightning attack that can charge the Creeper. Beware!
  • Squirtle is the only one that can move and fight in water. Splash!
  • Charmander can't go in the water!
  • Bulbizarre has a devastating whip-liana that will capture the attention of surrounding creatures. Be fearless!
  • Fighting type available:
  • Hitmonchan / No specific biome
  • Hitmonlee / No specific biome
  • Machop / No specific biome
  • Machoke / No specific biome / Spawn rate 5% on Machop
  • Machamp / No specific biome / Spawn rate 2% on Machop
  • Mankey / Jungle biome
  • Primeape / Jungle Location / Spawn rate 5% on Mankey   Berry Trees spawn all over the world. Berries can be collected by clicking on this trees.
  • Arcanine / Mesa biome
  • Laprass / Ice biome
  • Pidgeot / Forest biome
  • Berry's names / Locations / Types :

- Power berry / No specific biome / Fighting type

- Pollen berry / Jungle biome / Plant type

- Cloud berry / No specific biome / Flying type

- Magma berry / Mesa biome / Fire type

- Blizzard berry / Snow biome / Ice type

- Lorm berry / Beach biome / Water type

- Volt berry / Savana biome / Electric type

- Cloud berry / Forest biome / Fly type



Berries Mechanic :

  • Give Berry to the right pokemon type will heal your pokemon.
  • Sneak + give Power berry on Hitmonchan and Hitmonlee. (Strengh+)
  • Sneak + give Power berry on Mankey (Jump boost+1) on Primeape (Jump boost+3)
  • Sneak + give Power berry will activate the Xp-Farm for 10mn on Machop (rate 1/30scd), on Machoke (rate 2/30scd), Machamp (rate 3/30scd).
  • Other Berries will be added with the corresponding type updated with new mechanics.



To install this data pack, you must have the Minecraft Bedrock version.


  • Open the downloaded .mcaddon file "Pokemod Vanilla Bedrock Addon". This will automatically install it on your game.
  • Create a survival map with the settings you want.
  • Start by opening the behavior packs and install "Pokemod".
  • Install the texture pack also named "Pokemod".
  • To install the skin pack, open the file "Pokemod Skin Pack". This will automatically install it on your game.
  • Have fun in your new survival with your pack (Beware, the pack installation does not allow you to have trophies in survival).