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Poggy's Player Corpse


It can be a pain to return to your last known death location to only find out that your items have despawned. Trust me, happened a lot to me all the time. Don't worry though, this Add-On solves that problem! You no longer need to worry about loosing your items!

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<mark class="pen-red">Player Corpse </mark>is a Add-On that adds a new way for your items to stay safe when you died, not in lava though. The Corpse will spawn right where you have died with <mark class="pen-green">Death Coordinates</mark> to tell you exactly where your corpse is. It will even show the name of the player it belongs to and the dimension where you died!


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The corpse looks like a skeleton because it's your skeleton. To get your loot back you can interact to open a UI to recover what you want! Even everything if you want to!!


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When you hit your corpse, you will be prompted with a "Are You Sure?" UI to warn the player about "turning their corpse to dust". The player can decide to keep the corpse or "turning it to dust".


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The Jar Of Bone Ash is a new decorative block. To get this new block, you need to combine Bone Dust with an Empty Bottle. Bone Dust can be found when putting Decayed Bones on a campfire, to soften the Decayed Bone and drop Bone Dust.

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