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This Add-On adds Origins and Classes to your game which you can pick at the start of your adventure. Originally authored by APACE100, and now faithfully ported into Bedrock — with a bit of tweaks.


Unique beings with interesting traits that generally affects your gameplay. Each Origin has their own set of cool abilities, and of course, drawbacks. There are currently 19 Origins for you to choose from, namely:


This Origin does not have any special abilities or traits. Play Minecraft normally.


  • Tailwind: You are a little bit quicker on foot than others, while also being able to sprint more efficiently. 
  • Featherweight: You fall as gently to the ground as a feather would.
  • Vegetarian: Your diet is restricted to vegetables, and you won't be able to eat nor interact with meat consumables.
  • Fresh Air: When sleeping, your bed needs to be at an altitude of at least 151 blocks, so you can breathe fresh air.


  • Webbing: When you hit an enemy in melee, they get temporarily stuck in a cobweb, and further slows and poisons the target. Has a 13-second cooldown.
  • Web Cocoon: As long as you're standing in a cobweb, you mitigate any damage taken.
  • Climbing: You are able to climb up any solid block you look at quickly by holding the jump button. Falling off while climbing mitigates fall damage received.
  • Carnivore: Your diet is restricted to meat, and you won't be able to eat nor interact with vegetable consumables.


  • Gift of the Winds: Propel yourself high up into the air. Has a 30-second cooldown before each use.
  • Winged: You have Elytra wings without needing to equip any, and is never lost nor can be removed.
  • Need for Mobility: You become heavy when wearing armor made out of iron, diamond or netherite pieces.
  • Claustrophobia: Being somewhere with a low ceiling for too long will weaken you and make you slower.
  • Brittle Bones: You take more damage from falling and flying into blocks.
  • Aerial Combatant: You deal more damage as you glide with an Elytra.


  • Hoarder: Trigger the ability to switch to a different inventory space. Allowing you to store more items with 9 additional slots which are kept even upon death.
  • Sturdy Skin: Even without wearing armor, your skin provides natural protection thus receiving 20% less damage from any source.
  • Large Appetite: You easily get exhausted, depleting more hunger than normal.
  • Unwieldy: The way your hands are formed provide no way of holding a shield upright. Attempting to block with a shield will immediately break it regardless of enchantments applied to it.
  • Strong Arms: You are stronger and can break stone blocks without requiring any pickaxe.


  • Strong Ankles: You never take fall damage, no matter from which height you fall.
  • Acrobatics: You are able to jump higher by jumping while sprinting.
  • Nine Lives: You have 1 less heart of health than humans.
  • Nocturnal: At places where the light level is low, you automatically get the strength and night vision status effects.
  • Weak Arms: When not under the effect of strength, you mine blocks slower and attack weaker.
  • Catlike Appearance: Creepers are scared of you and will only explode if you attack them first.


  • Teleportation: Allows you to teleport directly at the block you are looking at. Has a short cooldown before each use.
  • Scared of Gourds: You are afraid of pumpkins. For a good reason. As such, if you possess any pumpkin item within your inventory, you will get the weakness status effect.
  • Familiar Face: Monsters and other endermans won't attack you even if you look directly at them without wearing a carved pumpkin, unless you attack them first.
  • Hydrophobia: You receive damage over time while in contact with water.


  • Gills: You can breathe underwater, but not on land. Status effects such as water breathing, however, may help you in your ventures.
  • Aqua Affinity: You may break blocks underwater as others do on land, and be able to see perfectly underwater.
  • Sea Inhabitant: Underwater mobs wont naturally harm nor attack you, unless if you attack them first.
  • Like Water: You naturally stay afloat on the water, and sink by sneaking whenever you want to.
  • Ocean's Gift: You are invulnerable from damage dealt by tridents.


  • Impervious: Whenever you take magma, fire, or lava damage, the health you lost will immediately be restored, and temporarily increases the damage you inflict.
  • Nether Inhabitant: Your natural spawn will be in the Nether.
  • Ember: When you are on fire, any mob that you hit and the mobs around it will be ignited and be set on fire. This can only be triggered once every 3 seconds.
  • Hotblooded: Due to your hot body, venoms burn up, making you immune to poison and hunger status effects.
  • Hydrophobia: You receive damage over time while in contact with water.


  • Phantomize: Use the ability item to turn into spectator mode. You exit this state when you stand still.
  • Spiritual Body: While in spectator mode, you are invisible from others and can traverse through blocks, and you will be unable to interact with anything else.
  • Undead: You begin to burn in daylight if you are not invisible or if not wearing any helmet.


  • Camouflage: You blend in with the environment when you're sneaking, that hostile mobs wont naturally attack you - unless if you attack them first.
  • Fast-footed: Due to your shorter legs and low exhaustion, your movement speed is increased and your size is decreased.
  • Pounce: Charge the ability item by holding it and leap into the direction you are looking at. The more the charge, the greater the distance will be.
  • Berry Craver: Sweet berries restores more hunger points when eaten, and would sometimes grant regeneration effects. You are also not damaged from berry bushes.
  • Smaller Heart: Due to your overall smaller size, your heart is smaller, resulting in your maximum health being lowered by 4 hearts.
  • Fast Metabolism: With your speed, and a smaller stomach, you get more hungry than usual.
  • Strong Ankles: You never take fall damage, no matter from which height you fall.


  • Bouncy Body: You mitigate a great portion of fall damage due to your bouncy yet sticky body.
  • Super Jump: Your slime heritage gives you an improved leap, allowing you to jump higher. Knocking back and dealing damage to nearby mobs upon landing. This passive ability can only be triggerd once every 3 seconds.
  • Sticky: Any entity that attacks you in melee gets slowed, and reduces the damage inflicted to you by 10%. You also look green and slimy.
  • Fragmentation: You shrink to a portion of your size as your health falls, as well as your maximum health points. 
  • Recovery: You can consume and eat slime balls to recover a lost portion of yourself.


  • Nimble: Inchlings are immune to thorns and velocity-based damage.
  • Hyper-active: You are able to consume sugar even if you're full, granting a temporary movement speed boost.
  • Small Apetite: Consuming sugar is enough for your needs, as it is gives long-lasting saturation effects to you. Requiring less food to keep going.
  • Bite-sized: You are many times smaller and have 5 less hearts compared to that of a regular human.
  • Poisonous: When you deal crit damage, inflicts fatal poison to the target that lasts 7 seconds. Then, reduces the [Stinger] count by one. This ability will not trigger on entities that already have the effect.


  • Fatality: You deal 50% more damage to targets you hurt afflicted with fatal poison.
  • Stingers: You carry up to 7 stingers at a time, and is used each time you inflict poison damage. Once all stingers are used up, you are bound to perish and die.
  • Pollenate: During the day, you can stand on any flower and sneak to recover any [Stinger] you may have lost. However, this will break the flower.
  • Diurnal: You work best in a sunny day, thus you are weakened and move slow at night or if it starts raining during the day.
  • Short Lifespan: Bees have 3 less hearts than humans.


  • Stress: This accumulates throughout you at a slow rate. Once it's filled up, you will violently explode - damaging everything that surrounds you. However, all of your abilities' cools down faster if your [Stress] is at 70%.
  • Meditate: Diminish the [Stress] accumulated by sneaking, for as long as you are on full health.
  • Cosmic Gift: Starbornes are beings blessed by the skies. Affected by less gravity, you are able to jump higher and descend back to the ground with grace - taking no fall damage whatsoever.
  • Hyper Leap: Propel towards a certain direction you are looking at, and launching entities you were in into air. Has a short cooldown before each use.
  • Shooting Star: Fires a star projectile towards the direction you are looking at, damaging mobs on impact. Has a cooldown before each use.
  • Nonviolent: Starbornes have a chance of becoming temporarily immobilized whenever they are harmed by another entity. In this state, your vision is also temporarily hindered.
  • Cold Vacuum: Starbornes are used to the coldness of the vast cosmos, therefore taking twice the fire damage - heat that they're not used to.


  • Pride: The more gold items you carry in your inventory, worn, or held, the less damage you'll receive from any source. You can mitigate up to 90% of damage received this way.
  • Boasting Firepower: Your melee attack inflicts additional damage equivalent to 10% of the damage you've dealt. Further increases the additional damage dealt by 10% per nearby entities present within 6 blocks.
  • Gluttony: You get even more hungry than usual when replenishing health.
  • Courage: You are immune from weakness and wither status effects.


  • Lifeweaver: Immediately regenerates health based on the accumulated damage taken within 3 seconds upon receiving it. Then, grants absorption for 12 seconds that scales depending on the amount of damage received.
  • Endless Quiver: When wielding a bow in hand and you don't have any arrows in your inventory, automatically grants one for yourself.
  • Imbue: Enhances your projectiles to deal additional damage equivalent to 50% of your current health, plus 25% of their max health if the target is undead. This additional damage is treated as magic and will bypass armor.
  • Swift: Become nimble and swift, granting you increased movement speed, enabling you to traverse the terrain effortlessly.
  • Permeable: You take 10% more damage from any source.


  • Beelzebub: Melee attacks will deal additional damage based on your missing health. Then, charges one stack of [Beelzebub] on attack, up to three.
  • Soulburst: When [Beelzebub] reaches three stacks, consumes all of it, and deals additional damage based on the total damage dealt when acquiring the stacks.
  • Umbral Veil: Shrouds yourself in a dark energy when sprinting, granting additional speed and avoiding any projectile damage.
  • Sinister Aura: Nearby passive mobs are frightened with your presence, and will run away from you.
  • Life Drain: Whenever you deal damage, your health is reduced by the target's missing health, up to 50% of your max health. When your health is equal to 1, this will not reduce any further.


  • Prescience: Punch with the ability selected to cast onto another player. Upon cast, increases both you and the other player's max health by 50% to 60% of both of your health combined.
  • Oracle: When under [Prescience], any damage you take and healing received will be blasted to the other player.
  • Aegis: Any external damage taken directly will deflect 50% of the damage back to the attacker.
  • Divine Aura: Players under the effect of [Prescience] will glow, and can be seen through walls. However, this glow will always persist on you.
  • Fragility: The less health you have, the more susceptible you are from any damage.
  • Instability: For every unique status effect applied to you, your max health will be reduced by 1. When your health is equal to 1, this will not reduce any further.


In addition to your selected Origin, you can then pick a class! It is recommended to choose the class that will pair nicely along with your Origin. There are 14 classes for you to choose from, and these are:


This class does not grant additional perks. If you want to continue with no further perks.


  • Agility: You can move quicker on foot than others while drawing your bow or crossbow.
  • Precision: All arrows you shoot travels in a straight line, affected by no gravity.


  • Fauna Friends: Animals you tame receive a permanent buff to their health.
  • Effective Empathy: Any potion effects you may have will also be applied to the mobs you've tamed.


  • Great Craftsmanship: Any equipment you craft or smith will have increased durability, efficiency, and damage.
  • Efficient Repairs: High-quality equipments you have crafted are easily more repairable and can restore more durability points.


  • Proficient Brewing: By extending the length of potion effects using redstone, any potion you brew will be further extended.
  • Potent Brews: Any potion you brew will be more amplified when brewing it with glowstone.


  • Good Meals: Foods you cook will grant additional saturation when eaten.
  • Rejuvenating Soup: Stews you make can grant regeneration effects.


  • Fit: You do not lose hunger when sprinting.
  • Explorer Kit: You start the game with a compass, a clock and nine empty maps that will never drop on death.


  • Green Thumb: When planting crops, there is a chance it will immediately grow.
  • Bountiful Harvest: When harvesting crops, you sometimes receive twice the yield.


  • Tree Capitator: You can cut down an entire tree when using an axe.
  • Replanting: There's a chance logs you break may be replanted with the same type of sapling.


  • Great Deals: You get discounts when trading with villagers.
  • Charisma: Wandering Traders are more likely to visit when you are around.


  • Vein Mine: You are able to instantly mine ores and its neighboring ores when using a pickaxe.
  • Veteran Excavator: You do not lose hunger when mining.


  • More Births: Animals bred when you are around have a chance to produce multiple babies.
  • Scavenging: You are able to sometimes receive more material from killing mobs.


  • Sneaky: Your nameplate is never always visible, even when you're not sneaking.
  • In the Shadows: When you have the invisibility effect applied, your next attacks deal more damage.


  • Shield Wield: You get additional protection when blocking yourself with a shield.
  • Wrath Bloodlust: You gain strength that increases the lower your current health is.

Installation Notes

For the best gameplay experience, please take note of these before attempting to download the pack:

  • This Add-On works in multiplayer.
    • For Aternos, please refer to instructions here.
    • You need to have an active Realms subscription to use this in Realms. To install on Realms, please check on Minecraft's website.
    • Or locally via Wi-Fi or LAN.
  • This Add-On modifies the player.json. And may NOT work with other Add-Ons or packs.
  • This Add-On only supports Bedrock 1.20.80 or higher.

License & Usage

This Add-On is under MIT License. If you wish to attribute this work into your own, please refer to the license accordingly.

Copyright 2021 APACE100

Copyright 2024 r4isen1920

Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining a copy of this software and associated documentation files (the "Software"), to deal in the Software without restriction, including without limitation the rights to use, copy, modify, merge, publish, distribute, sublicense, and/or sell copies of the Software, and to permit persons to whom the Software is furnished to do so, subject to the following conditions:

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