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Ore Borders

Ore borders adds borders around ores for better visibility of ores when mining. This helps to find ores in the dark. 1.1.0 and above have different glow lichen textures to make it less easier to mistake them for diamond ore.

Publish issues via comments, internal issues, or the source code at Github.


These projects are not available for java edition as Vanilla Tweaks is a great go to resource pack, and if you want this on java, go check it out. These packs are not aiming to copy vanilla tweaks, but just to be small packs that help with your Minecraft experience. Bedrock tweaks exists, but it isn't always the best and has some problems.

Check out my Dark Mode Theme here: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft-bedrock/addons/maximum-dark-ui-bedrock


If you want any more blocks to have borders, please say so in the comments!