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 These addons are good for making disagreements with friends, videos for the internet or much more

How it works

  • Everyone starts out normal with all the Hearts on the life bar.
  • You have to use the command /function one_heart one_heart to leave the life bar with only one heart

/function one_heart


  • To get the health bar back to normal with the 10 hearts, you must use the command /function all_life

/function full_life


  • to see the commands just type /function which will already appear the two possible modes.


You can use the /function command all_full_heart and all_one_heart to change the lives of all players at the same time

Two new function have been added

/function low_gravity

  • Using effect leaves gravity low. Use the /function low_gravity_stop to disable

/function strong_mob

  • Makes all mobs in the game (not the player) stronger. Use the /function strong_mob_stop to disable

/function half_heart || /function all_half_heart

  • Make one or all of the players have only half a heart