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Swamp Biome

One of the many biomes in Minecraft is the Swamp, it typically consists of Mushrooms, Witch Huts, and Oak Trees This addon expands it with new Willow trees, along with that there is are two new flowers, wolfsbane and the purple orchid, even more there are new blocks littered around on the surface: Mud! It slows and sinks you down making it more difficult to travel around here, even more there is a new dense green fog that really adds to the ambience of the area! lastly new cattails really make it feel like a swamp!

Here are a few Images:


Cherry Grove Forest

Another addition of this pack is Sakura trees, both in Pink and White leaves, they really add a pop of color in the medium climates (plains, forest, etc), this biome is very beautiful as a bonus there are new petunia flowers, this biome as of v5 has been moved to the cherry grove biome!

Here are a few images:


The Jungle

Now with nice purple jacaranda trees and new tiger lily flowers, the jungle feels more alive than ever!


The Dark Oak Forest

New enchanted trees litter this mystical forest, new plants for you to build with and explore, truly enchanted!


Savanna Biome

The Savanna Biome used to only be consisting of small acacia trees, and little plateaus now has a new tree; Baobab! Along with that there is Steeper Plateaus and bushes too it.


The Desert

While used to only having small temples and large dunes of sand, the Rocky Desert may interest you, it consists of a new type of tree, Palo Verde. It also has small rocks, coarse dirt and grass patches, along with little bushes.


Cold Pines

Along with addition of warm biomes, another cold biome has been added! The Cold Pines, they have a wonderful leaves which allows for some amazing builds, along with the addition of a nice light wood.


Autumn Forest

Have you ever wanted an autumn themed biome? This Forest comes with aspen trees, along with both their are pumpkins littered in patches! Plus marigold, buttercup, and gold roses spawn here! It really captures the bee vibe!


Fir Forest

This is a new forest in the colder climate, it adds fir trees and lavender flowers.


Redwood Forest

New redwood and larch trees to spice up your building, these are some of the largest trees!


The Flower Forest

Now with tons of flowers ranging from the anemone, bluebell, lavender, to foxgloves and tulips, it is truly a flower forest!


Dandelion Fields

Dandelion Fields are a new biome with little trees but large masses of dandelions, both orange and yellow, another amazing thing is its littered with moss patches which give an extra lush feel!



If you have any other problems join the discord and ping @goofy9506 or @rewby23 for help in the discord. https://discord.gg/TFVYXyFafs
Also Thanks to Rewby23 for making everything Survival Compatible. Big Thanks to her for bringing this update to all of you!
For no vines check out the discord for the pack

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