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This addon adds 28 new ores, 29 armors, mining helmets, hammers, tree decapitator, talismans and tool variations. It is compatible with other addons. Supported languages: English and Spanish.

Tool variations are available for most ores.


Armos and tools added

Mithril armor


Ruby armor

Apatite armor



Pink diamond armor


Skeleton armor

Quartz armor


Elder Guardian armor

Wither armor

Blaze armor


Warden armor


Dragon armor


Reinforced Adamantite armor

Corundum armor


Beryl armor

Fluorite armor


Onyx armor


White diamond armor




Alexandrite armor


Axinite armor


Ambar armor


Garnet armor


kunzita armor


Tanzanite armor


Pink topaz armor

Copper armor


Mining Helmets!

Mining helmets now available for most minerals.

Mining helmets have 20% less durability and one point less protection than normal helmets. for more information visit the Armor Information section.

Armor information

Tool information

Different mining speeds only available for Pickaxe, Axe, Tree Decapitator and Hammer

If it is a variation (Blaze rod or echo shard) it increases one point in speed.

For each use of the hammer and tree decapitator the tool receives 10 damage.

Generation of ores

Tools skills

You just need to touch or right click on the place where you want to use it.

Tree decapitator

Now it works nether trees and mushrooms.

Hammer removes 3x3

The shovel can remove 3x3 blocks of soil (echo and blaze variants only).

The pickaxe only removes 1x3 (echo and blaze variants only).

Tooling variations have more durability


Experimental functions are required

It is necessary to download the behavior pack and the resource pack (Vanilla or Border) for the addon to work correctly.


The addon is split to avoid import problems on cell phones


Two variants of resource packs have been added, (Border) will make ores have borders and (vanilla) are borderless ores.

Minimum version to use 1.20.20