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This high-quality addon adds 12+ new vehicles, called Minecars, that resemble the vanilla Minecart's style, as well as 7+ wagons that can be attached to them. There are also challenging enemy minecars that you can fight with!

Each of them has unique functionality and niche in the Minecraft world, from lighting, transporting cargo to mining ores, constructing railways, blasting fishes, ramming mobs, and even upgrades! They used groundbreaking and pioneering (in 2022) coding techniques, like the mining cooldown, scoreboard storage & retrievement in stacks, ram seating, chest opening & closing animations, tilting animations, id-based teleportation, variable-based hurting animation, exploding debris... and more! All this, WITHOUT experiments! 


===== The MineCars =====


Balloon Minecars

 4 variants: Lantern, Soul Lantern, Chest, Anchor



Default Minecar

Lantern Minecar

1 Variant: Soul Lantern

Chest Minecar

Rammer Minecar

2 Upgrades: Fire Aspect, Infused Star

Drill Minecar

2 Upgrades: Diamond Boi, Netherite Boi

Shooter Minecar

Constructor Minecar

Illager Minecars

3 Variants: Ramlager, Drillager, Kamikaze


General Information (apply to all minecars / wagons):

  • NEEDS FUEL!!! Fuel the car by interacting with fuel: coal / charcoal / coal block / lava / planks / stairs / logs, stripped logs / hay block / kelp block / logs / blaze rod
  • can be repaired by iron ingots
  • can be picked up by punching it while sneaking
  • can be boosted for 3 seconds using Firework Rockets
  • its tool can be torn off using a hoe
  • takes about 3 secs to accelerate. Accelerating to the max speed is needed for the tool of some minecars (e.g.: rammer) to work

If you want more space and tools on your minecar trip, don't forget the wagons!

===== The Wagons =====


Passenger Wagon

Shulker Wagon

Campfire / Soul Campfire Wagon

Chest Wagon

Double Chest Wagon

Hopper Wagon

TNT Wagon

Flatbed Wagon

Coffin Wagon


There are two ways to spawn the wagons:

  1. use the spawn eggs in the Creative Inventory (only for creative mode)
  2. use their respective items (couplers) to interact with the Minecar.

Note: You can only attach the wagons to the Minecar using their respective items (called "XX wagon couplers"), but NOT the spawn eggs. You can find both in the Creative Inventory, just make sure you use the correct one.

All wagons will automatically teleport to their connected Minecar if they are too far away (about 16-18 blocks). Since it uses an "ID" system, you should not to have too many caravans in one world