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(Originally on MCPEDL)


Glowing Torches V6 uses Better RTX (Prizma or Experimental Preset or Kelly's) which is a mod for Minecraft Bedrock Edition that changes and improves how RTX works. It is required to use this pack.

GlowingItems 3D allows you to use items as a lightsource without having to install a behaviour pack by using the features of Better RTX. This allows dark places to be dimly lit by a torch you are holding making it much easier to traverse the dark places of RTX Minecraft. 

This pack also has nine main settings, Vanilla+ Glowing Items, Glowing Items + Cat RTX Torches, Glowing Items + New Torches, V6 Torches + Items, V5 Brighter Torches + Lanterns, V4 Torches + Lanterns, V3 Torch, V2 Torch, V1 Torch, and Giga Torch, here is a brief explanation of each setting:

Vanilla+ Glowing Items: All items look and feel exactly like their vanilla versions. (Also more glowing items)

Glowing Items + Cat RTX Torches: Same as New Torches but torches now are identical Cat RTX's.

Glowing Items + New Torches: Same as V6 Torches but torches now resemble their block form.


V6 Torches: Same as V5 Torches but adds 8 items that can glow (as seen below).\



V5 Torches: Same as V4 Torches but with a much improved glow.


V4 Torches: Same as V3 Torches but adds lanterns.



V3 Torches: Makes torches larger and also makes them look better in your mainhand.



V2 Torches: Makes torches light and places them near the side of the screen (also has V2 Vibrant setting).



V1 Torch (Legacy): Makes Torches similar to default size in hand and tilts towards center of screen.


(Note: There are also several joke torches in this pack which you can try yourself or get a quick look at in the images tab :D )





Here are the instructions on how to get Better RTX:

-Visit the Minecraft RTX discord:

-Go to #brtx-install-info

-Get the latest version of BetterRTX through the most recent GitHub link (Or Use the GUI Installer)

-All install instructions for BetterRTX are provided in the Minecraft RTX discord and if it is not working it is best to ask for help (Note: Make sure you install the Prizma Edit or the Kelly's Edit of BetterRTX)

(Other versions of the Prizma Edit or Kelly's Edit can also be found at #betterrtx-releases)

Upon installing Better RTX install this pack as normal and it should work (If it doesn't work go to #betterrtx-help)