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 Elys PBR texture pack is a completely vanilla texture pack that adds ray tracing to your Minecraft scene and works with the old versions and most recent versions of Minecraft, 1.20.


This Elys PBR provides a wonderful experience while playing, with a focus on height maps and brighter colors.

Vital Recognition

버블#5319 helped to solve the chiseled_bookshelf and decorated_pot texture glitches.

Alegzzis PrizmaRTX aka Lumen RTX developer solved my naming confusion and helped me by designing the logo for Elys PBR

display photographs taken using BuildersCommunityJapan's ihou map

Thank You!

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Minecraft Bedrock RTX System Requirements
NVIDIA GeForce® RTX 20 Series and higher, and AMD Radeon RX 6000 Series and higher.

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Load Elys PBR into the game after downloading it that's all!

If you prefer manual installation,

After downloading, rename the .mcpack file to .zip and unzip it.
Go to the following address:
replace the unzipped Elys PBR file
Launch Minecraft go to settings and select Elys PBR and activate it


Note: For spectacular visuals, use the Better RTX Graphics mod.

 How to install better RTX to your Windows P1

1. Visit the Minecraft RTX Discord server at ****.

2. Join and navigate to #brtx-install-info to get the file (Note: If you have any questions, please ask community members who can assist you or ping me @0x4A4B).
3. Simply go to **** and download and install IObit Unlocker.
4. BetterRTX_Installer is a PowerShell script that you may BetterRTX_Installer.ps1.ps1
5. If your window crashes or closes automatically when you execute the BetterRTX_Installer.ps1.

6. Please follow the procedures below to avoid this problem.
7. Set-ExecutionPolicy -Scope CurrentUser PowerShell admin should perform this command. Reread the script. Install your preferred setup and go into Elys PBR Rta tracing universe.

Note: do not use other PBR texture packs while using Elys PBR.