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Tired of chopping trees so slowly? Well, look no further, this addon will allow you to remove an entire tree by chopping just one block, it is compatible with any addon since it does not use player.json, but rather it uses gametest and it will also make any custom axe from another addon work with the function of tree capitator granted by this addon, functional for Minecraft Bedrock.


Experimental Games

This addon does not need any experimental games to work correctly.



Compatibility✔️ You can use it with almost any addon that contains a custom axe, this does not ensure that it works with all custom axes, another thing is that this addon DOES NOT USE PLAYER.JSON so it will be compatible with almost any addon and you can easily put it last if you want.




Function 👾

Now I will proceed to show how the axes work with the captain tree skill, and I will also do it with custom axes from any addon that has axes so you can see if it is functional with custom axes

This with vanilla axes.

Because the addon uses gametest you can also use the function with the axes of other addons.


then activate the addon you want to use together with the tree capitator, put it first in case the other addon uses the player.json and also activate all the experimental games for the correct functioning of the addon.