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Console Graphics for Bedrock will start downloading in 5 seconds...




How it does work?

Console Graphics Pack makes the graphics in Minecraft Bedrock more similar to what you might have seen in Legacy Console Edition. All aspects including fog, gamma, biome colors and water colors from TU69 have been collected in this resource pack for fans of legacy editions.



*these screenshots show Console Graphics Pack with Minecraft Classic Texture Pack


Terms of Use

You are allowed to use it however you want, do reviews and distribute it credit me as "_marcjones_". Don't forget put a link in description to this Curseforge page.

You are not allowed to change the code and distribute modified versions of this pack on other sites.


Breaking the functionality of your game using modified versions of this resource pack, thereby violating these terms of use, is your responsibility.


How to Install?

  • Download Console Graphics Pack on your device
  • Open the File Explorer once you’ve  downloaded an Console Graphics Pack .mcpack
  • Go to your Downloads folder
  • Find the Console Graphics Pack .mcpack file and click it to import it to Minecraft Bedrock
  • If you imported an Console Graphics Pack, don't forget to apply the Console Graphics Pack when creating a new world or editing an existing world


Still have questions about installation? Visit the official Microsoft page for installation guides





The use of this material and data (the resource pack as a whole) for the purpose of presenting it as personal property is a violation of copyright. The author calls to respect his personal work.