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A UI pack that not only does it show the potion recipes in hierarchy, it also shows some information for each potion.


  • A complete potion recipe hierarchy based on official Wiki article, directly on the left side of the main Brewing Stand panel.
  • It can be used in both the Classic UI and Pocket UI.
  • Compatible with other resource packs (without modified UI of course), even those from the marketplace.
  • It is also compatible with latest version of VDX UI.



Classic UI with Default Textures GUI (Original):

Pocket UI:

Classic UI with Light GUI (Wiki style):

Classic UI with Dim Night Mode GUI:

Classic UI with Animated RGB GUI:

You can change styles from subpacks options, make sure to restart the game after changing:


Terms of use:

You’re allowed to:

  • Make review about this pack, as long as you credit me as “@CrisXolt”. And put original download link in description (This Curse Forge forum post).

You’re NOT allowed to:

  • Make customized APK/APPX and monetized content (pirate modifications), no one will have the permission.
  • Steal my .JSON and .UIDX file and my code design claiming this work as your, no one will have the permission. Specially not modify/erase the text in the first line code in each .json file. (Example text: //File Made/Modified by @CrisXolt).
  • Repost this resource pack made by me in other pages, no one will have the permission.
  • Do not use for third-party projects, much less to merge with "Concept Clients" resource packs, no one will have the permission.


Just enjoy and good luck! ;D