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Aardvark's Dragons (Bedrock Edition)


Aardvark's Dragons adds fully survival compatible dragons into bedrock. The recipes and flight explanation is below. The mod also adds two special healing methods (similar to golden apples). Make sure to check Use Experimental Gameplay in your world (and to add the pack!).







-The dragons can be crafted with the recipe above - craft the undyed dragon egg, then dye it

-They can be flown around, named, and healed using any meat.

-Dragon variants include: Red, Blue, Purple, Pink, Ghost/Light blue, Black/Ender, and Rainbow (Happy Pride Month :D)

-The Rainbow Dragon is slightly smaller, faster and has a bit more health than the others (also it gets more bonus from food)

-Two players can ride the Red Dragon - one as a passenger (more info in FAQ below)

-The crystal carrot is an expensive counterpart to the golden carrot

-It gives 3 1/2 hunger, as well as strength 2 and speed briefly - a powerful emergency tool in a battle, but not as powerful as it can become

-The Zeus Soup can be crafted as above, and when consumed gives 1 hunger as well as strength 3 and speed 3 for just over a minute

-On top of that, Zeus Soup will give you more than just the edge in a fight: Resistance 5 for 15 seconds and Regeneration 1 for 30






Some dragons and the recipes aren't working?

Make sure you have Use Experimental Gameplay enabled in the world settings, and if you have other behaviour packs/addons make sure that this is top of the list in the global resources menu (apart from the minecraft default behaviours).

Does this pack work in 1.16?


Is the pack realms compatible?

The dragons and items themselves are realms compatible, but due to major issues with entities on realms currently, the dragon egg recipes will not work properly, and will default to random spawn eggs. I'm working on a fix.

How do you fly the dragons?

If you look up, you can begin flying. The closer you are to looking directly up, the faster you gain height. Use WASD/Movement controls to move your dragon. While looking at a down angle (or straight on) the dragon will begin to move down. Press shift/crouch to get off the dragon. You can feed them meat to heal them. You can also power jump like a horse, to jump very high quickly from the ground.

If you are riding a red dragon, a second player can sit on it too by right clicking (or whatever you use to ride horses/dragons) and you'll be able to sit as a passenger while the other player flies. This is a new feature as of 1.4.

How do I install the pack?

Just download the .zip file and extract it. From there, you can run the .mcaddon file inside. It should open Minecraft Windows 10 Edition and install.


Credits and Changelog:


-Programmed and designed by Aardvark

-Designed also by DDarwin3000

-Art by Aardvark, and Mojang

-Playtested by PhantomPharaoh9, DDarwin3000, CxWIGGYx, Mcgeeza1114 and toucanplays




  - two players can now ride the Red Dragon - one as a passenger and the first as the 'driver'

  - simply ride the Red dragon while another player is on it to sit on the second seat. This feature may be expanded on in the future.



Sometimes files don't display on the sidebar - click the files tab at the top instead

Report any issues in the comments below, I'm happy to help. If you're a YouTuber, feel free to make a video on this mod, I could use the clout :P (please link the mod though)