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    If I disable the issue tracker on my project, will all of the existing tickets be deleted, or will they become viewable again if I later re-enable the issue tracker?


    Without going into detail, I'll just say I feel the new issue tracker is a downgrade from the old (already not very good) one in nearly every regard, and I want to try using an external solution instead. However, if it turns out users really really hate it, I might re-enable the Curse issue tracker at a later date, and it would be nice if that didn't mean re-copying all the tickets again.


    For now I'm going to try GitLab; their issue tracker isn't as nice as GitHub's, but they do have the option to sign in with an existing Google, Facebook, Twitter, or GitHub account, so users won't need to register on yet another website just to submit a bug, which I feel is very important.

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    I just deleted several issue tags on Grid ("Defect" because I added a better-named "Bug" tag to use instead, "Enhancment" because it's embarrassingly mis-spelled, "New" because it's useless, etc.) but even after confirming their deletion and clicking Save at the bottom of the page, those tags are still displayed on issues:




    The first five tickets are tagged Defect / Enhancment / Defect / New, Defect / Defect, Started. The only one of those tags that should still exist is "Started".


    It's not a browser caching issue; I still see the tags when refreshing with Shift-F5, and when I open that page in another browser that's never visited it before.

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    When I click "Edit" above a ticket on one of my projects, make changes, and click Submit, any changes I made to the actual content of the ticket are not saved. Other changes (closing, adding tags, adding a comment) are saved correctly.





    Typically when someone submits a ticket with an error message, I prefer to edit the ticket to format the error message as a code block and remove the list of installed addons so I don't have to scroll through 5 screens of irrelevant crap every time I look at the ticket.

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    Quote from Nevcairiel >>
    Thats not how file handling works, however. To modify and/or delete lines in a file, you need to read at least everything after those lines and re-write it, for sake of sanity everyone would just read the entire file (instead of half of it), modify it in memory, and write it out again.
    I wasn't talking about the implementation details --- those are irrelevant and I don't care in the slightest what happens between "reading" and "rewriting" --- but about the end results. There's no good reason why the file that eventually gets distributed should have any differences from the originally uploaded version of the same file that aren't the direct result of text being added, removed, or commented based on packager tags.
    It doesn't really matter why the Curse system was implemented the way it was, who implemented it, what they were thinking about when they implemented it, whether or not it was tested, etc. --- at the end of the day, it's still a problem that needs to be fixed.
    The old packager was able to make insertions/changes to files without mangling the encoding or making other unrelated changes to the file contents, so if Curse is having trouble figuring out how to do that, they should just look at their own older code.
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    Related to this, it would be nice if the notification emails had useful titles. Under the old system, I'd get emails with titles like "New comment on Grid" or "Comment on ticket for PhanxChat", but now every email is just titled "What's happening at CurseForge".

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    Quote from Kaelten >>

    Files should only be edited when you, the author, uses some of our advanced features like localizations or replacement tags and only those files should be touched.

    Building on that, rather than trying to guess when you should modify our manually uploaded files, you should just add a setting for the project that we can turn off. I do use the Curse localization system, but I don't use the Curse packager. The ZIP files I upload already have the localization data inserted, so there's no need for the Curse packager to do anything.
    Furthermore, there's not really any excuse for making modifications (like changing line endings or making Unicode replacements) to existing code. If there's an "insert localization here" tag in a file, just insert the localization in place of the tag. If there's a block of code wrapped in "debug/end-debug" tags, just replace each tag with the appropriate symbols to start and end a block comment. If there's a "do-not-package" tag block, just delete the lines in between. No reason to touch any other lines in the file.
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    Markdown defines `backticks` as producing a <code> tag, which the HTML spec defines as an inline element (flow/phrasing content).


    However, your CSS is redefining <code> as a block element, causing my inline code snippets (such as slash commands) to be displayed in a big black box that breaks the text flow (and looks totally out of place with the otherwise snow-white site theme).


    This is wrong. This block styling should be applied only to <code> tags inside a <pre> tag, which is the output from a Markdown code block (text indented with 4 spaces or 1 tab, or fenced by ``` [three backticks] lines if your parser supports those) -- not backticks.


    See here for an example of the fail:



    And here for an example of how the same Markdown document should be rendered:



    Please fix this.

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    I didn't bother mentioning the obnoxious blinding white and small fonts again because I already wrote my own CSS to make the site usable.


    After years of posting the same complaints and suggestions and explanations, and seeing every iteration of the site just make things worse and worse and worse, it's pretty obvious that Curse doesn't give a damn about even the most basic accessibility concerns and isn't going to change anything in this regard. If they do actually offer a dark theme in the future, it will undoubtedly be just as unusable, with tiny fonts and low contrast.

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    Your forum WYSIWYG editor is still horrible. Easily the worst web-based WYSIWYG editor I've ever had the misfortune to be subjected to.


    The UI design is terrible, for one; it looks like the bastardized love-child of Windows 3.1 and an early 2000s cell phone UI. I could overlook that if it actually worked, but it doesn't.


    Copying and pasting with Ctrl+C (or Ctrl+X) and Ctrl+V don't work in Firefox; I have no idea why you would think it's a good idea to intercept system-wide hotkeys in the first place, but whatever your copy/paste event handlers are supposed to be doing (I didn't bother looking), they're not doing it correctly. Ctrl+X removes the selected text, but doesn't copy it into the clipboard. Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V do nothing at all.


    Basic typing and formatting are also unreliable. Pressing the "Enter" key on my keyboard sometimes inserts two linebreaks instead of one. Selecting text and clicking the "bold" button, for example, might bold the selected text... or it might just move the cursor to the end of the entered text and not bold anything.


    When pasting text (by right-clicking and then clicking Paste in the context menu, since Ctrl+V doesn't work) from unformatted sources (eg. Notepad), actual linebreaks in the text are doubled (probably CRLF is being incorrectly treated as two linebreaks) and sometimes additional linebreaks are inserted in the middle of lines for no reason (there's definitely not any break-related character in the text there). When pasting text from formatted sources (eg. select all the entered text, copy from the context menu, then paste it back into the same place) the formatting also gets mangled -- again with the random linebreaks, and sometimes things are bolded or turned into headers for no apparent reason.


    Similarly, when copying (again, using the context menu) from the forum input area into Notepad, linebreaks get doubled again. CRLF is not a hard problem to solve, guys!


    Please just get rid of this monstrosity and use a standard textarea with Markdown or BBCode formatting support. Anyone posting on a forum dedicated to online gaming knows how to use one or both of these formatting systems, and you can even still have UI buttons to insert the appropriate formatting codes/symbols for the people who don't.


    Alternatively, get a WYSIWYG editor that isn't terrible -- I can't offhand remember ever using one that I didn't find annoying, but there's got to be something better than this -- or just add an option to disable WYSIWYG editing per-user. As it stands I doubt I will be using the new forums very often. I even enabled commenting on Grid, though I hate comment pages as a communication medium in general, because that's still better than using these forums. :(

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    Such an addon isn't possible. You can only check for the availability of names on your current server, eg. by trying to add the name to your non-Battle.net friends list. Just type "/friend Thenameyouwant". If it says "Player not found" then the name is available.

    While it would be possible to write an addon that automatically did the above to notify you if/when the name ever became available on your server, it doesn't really seem worth writing or using, since the odds of someone renaming/moving/deleting the character with the name you want are so low.

    If you want to check other servers, you have to create a character and log into them.

    You can also search for the character name on the WoW site, but if it doesn't show up in the results, that's not a guarantee it's available, since low-level characters and characters that haven't logged into the game in a long time aren't shown on there.
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