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The idea behind The Dunatian is to have a save file to add to your game. All the ships and assets are in the file and placed where they need to be in order to take an interesting rover trip across Duna loosely based on 'The Martian' a novel by Andy Weir.


I am trying to keep a common design theme around the Ares/Mars Direct missions the book is based on. It is meant to be able to be played with a stock install. Some mods will be recommended to add to the gameplay.

I accept any help from the community, and you don't have to signup or anything, I will try and keep a list of contributors, whether building, testing or researching. Just submit your craft files, images, or ideas in the forum thread. Ideally I would like to have launch vehicles based on the Ares and Delta rockets for all assets in game.

I hope you all have some fun with it and thanks for coming to check out my pack.


This project is currently in beta, so it is feature complete but there may still be gameplay issues.


The How to Pages and other info are here http://kerbal.curseforge.com/projects/the-dunatian/pages/the-dunatian-introduction