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Built to demonstrate lifting possibilities of biggest reusable rocket of "Reusable Rockets" project, this spacegraft will satisfy any true gigantomaniac on Kerbin.


With it's 3600 tons of launch weight and 23500 total delta-v this spacecraft apears to be the largest and far-going spacecraft in Kerbol system.


After ascent to Low Kerbin orbit and separation from rocket, this spacecraft still has  almost 800 tons of weight and 20 000 delta-v left. Thus, it can reach almost any body of Kerbol system on it's own, perform different activites there and succesfully return back home.


Spacecraft feautures seats for three Kerbals in a returnable capsule, a space lab and a small lander.


The small refuellable lander can make multiple landings on almost any body without an atmosphere (with Tylo being the only exception) and perform different activities there.