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This giant station named after famous film director is being used as an orbital transport hub, connecting SSTO shuttles and outer space vessels. It is fully accomodated with living space for 200 kerbals (including 40 scientists), life support, communication and scientific equipment.


This project also contains enough fuel to get to Mun or Minmus orbit. If refueled on Mun or Minmus, can get even to Duna, thus providing support to planetary colonisation.




Launch weight - 2240 tons

Station weight (loaded) - 305 tons

Station weight (dry) - 245 tons

Delta-v on LKO - 1400 m/s

Creaw/Passengeer capacity - 200 seats


Launch tips


As this huge construction creates lots of drag, it is necessery to use vertical ascent profile. Ascent vertically until you reach at least 35 km, then curcularise.