Space ship Carrier class III (stock) KSP

10,860 Downloads Last Updated: Jun 18, 2016 Game Version: 1.1

After succes of Mother ship class Carrier and Mother ship aircraft carrier 1_0_4,

Kerbal Ingineers push further the space aircraft carrier concept :

Bastion fleet carrierImage source

Let's enjoy Space ship Carrier class III  - an Aircraft Carrier ship to land, transport and catapult Space ships during long distance travels.

Full stock ship able to reach by itself kerbin orbit.


Action buttons :

1.Toggle Crossfeed 2nd Engines
2.Toggle 2nd Engines
3.Toggle 2 main Engines
4.Toggle catpult engines
5.Toggle SubShips Engines
6.Toggle Radars


Orbinting procedure :
easy to put in orbit. Aim the sky, put fulpower. Reach 20 000, then reach orbit by aiming 45°.

Don't forget to press 1 at the 2nd stage.


Have fun !!!

PS: Please make some comments to give me ideas about how improve the ship !


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