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This ship includes a rover that has a sky-crane to allow for a slow and safe decent. The ship is made up of mostly stock parts but also some parts from KW Rocketry, just the boosters really. Included is a read-me with the instructions on how to control the ship because its a tiny bit wonky to get of the ground, its easy to see when you launch it. As of 1.0, i will be making the rover, crane, and ship out of stock parts and tweaking after each update that messes with the most current version or to simply make it more efficient. There will also be a updated version of just the rover+crane to allow for assemblies builds or whatever you find fit.

Please tell me what you think! If you have any questions, ideas or improvements, let me know! 

Thanks for the 1100+ downloads, hope you all enjoy.

IMPORTANT: If you are having problems flying a rocket, please read through this. The aerodynamics for ships have changed since 1.0. http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/117082-1-0-Makes-KSP-Unplayable-(resolved)/page2

**Currently working on newest compatible stock version 5/2/15**

**Added the plain Rover+Crane without a delivery ship, you can download and add it to your sub-assemblies 5/5/15** 

**Updated version to support 1.0 with all stock parts 5/6/15**