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So you want to put a base on Eve but your scared of the G's getting down, want to set up a permanent outpost on laythe and use SSTO's to ferry people up and down but don't have the fuel or just want to have the makings of a Mun resort.

Then I have the answer for you. ChrisCorp Mun-Base craft can do all this and more.

Able to land on any, yes any surface ( Jool doesn't count as its not solid ) ChrisCorp mun base comes complete with all the friendly features you've com to expect form our quality brand such as massively over powered lifters, un-manned delivery, the ability to integrate  with other platforms & darn sturdiness.

In this pack you get all you need to make your out post; A lab & habitat with seating for 6,                    A resources module that can attach to the lab complete with its own Mun escape pod for 3, A lookout tower & not 1 but 2 types of return landers Plus A set of mixed rovers.  But wait theres more....

Also included is 3 HVY launch sub-assemblies to get what you need where it needs to be, all at no extra charge.

For Best results combine with ChrisCorp Rovers and SSTO's.

Check out the images to see were these craft can take your kerbals



0.25 Update;

Seperate file. "Basic Base" Collection

9 Mun Base segments ready to go, Assembly rover & 50tn Cargo SSTO 

most segments approx 30 00 only

SSTO <200 000 most reclaimed upon landing

So to repeat thats makes this a 2 FILE pack  

The old file  = Go anywhere base set ( only 3 main components + extras )

The New File = Mun / Minmus only "Basic Base".  A low tech, cheap career mun base set to make a cheap & practicale mun city + fun bitz


1.04 Update;

New mobile Mining & Re-Fueling base 

a set of 6 craft in easy to deliver rocket setup for the VAB once on the surface enjoy ages of fun roaming from one Ore deposit to the next with ease.

The MRB set ideal for mun or minmus and with minor tweaks almost any celestial body.




26/09/15 - Created new version of mining base that can fit into the Mk3 Cargo bay for cheap SSTO delivery. This is WIP and still has some bugs to iron out.

 Files are in the form of Sub-assemblies. 



24/04/17 - 1.2.2 Update;

New larger lift capacity, get more Ore and LI/Ox to tour stations with "LOROT"

Maintain stability better with double docking for smoother drive

Store more with the new and improved "AMMSPR" or

basically the old Mobile Mining set but bigger, less complex, more reliable and better.