Mother Ship class Carrier 3.0 (stock)

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I am happy to share you the state of the art design of big mother ship - an exode ship to save 46 kerbals with a big storage room for  long travels.

This strong full stock ship is able to reach by itself - kerbin orbit and WITHOUT ANY REFUELLING capable to reach moons and DUNA ORBITS.

Ship caracteristics :
1700 000 funds
46 Kerbals places
1077 parts with launcher and 857 parts for the ship itself
All size docking ports - more than you will ever need
All science equipped

Action buttons :
Abord -> Emergency moduls separation and parahchutes activation.
Custom01 -> Toggle air-intake (Close them during orbinting)
Custom03 -> Full science activation
Custom04 -> Toggle side doors and front door
Custom05 -> Toggle front door and front door ligths
Custom06 -> Toggle left side door and left door ligths
Custom07 -> Toggle rigth side door and right door ligths
Custom10 -> Toggle main central engine

Lunch procedure :
Classical but advice to use Mechjeb

-I advice to use Mechjeb mod
-Compatible with all mods

Have fun !!!

PS: Because kerbal designer are never 100% sure, a state of the art emergency technology permit to save the 3 kerbal in the command modul at almost any times.

PS2: Please make some comments to give me ideas about how improve the ship !


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