Mother Ship class Aircraft Carrier (stock) 1.0.4 KSP Version

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After the succes of the Mother ship class Carrier,

some Kerbals express the need of a space aircraft carrier. So i tried to build something like that :

Bastion fleet carrierImage source

I am happy to share you the state of the art design of big mother ship - an Aircraft Carrier ship to land, transport and catapult Aircrafts during  long distance travels.

This strong full stock ship is able to reach by itself kerbin orbit.


Ship caracteristics :
950 000 funds
37 Kerbals places
705 parts with launcher
All size docking ports - more than you will ever need
All science equipped

Action buttons :
Custom01 -> Toggle nuclear engines
Custom02 -> Toggle boosters
Custom03 -> Toggle panels
Custom04 -> Toggle side doors
Custom07 -> Open/Close the catapult bay.

How to use the upper deck retractable catapult ? (The aim of the catapult is to thrust a smaller ship to increase it's fuel capacity)
-Place the aircraft on the upper deck
-Press 7 and wait for 10 seconds
-Find the lower small docking port and undock it
-Press 1 and 2 to deactivate all ship engines
-Put some thrust
-Active the retractable engine
-Undock aircraft
-Press 7 again to retract catapult
(Before a new launch, you need to put some fuel in the small tank behind the catapult engine)

Orbinting procedure :
Hard to put in orbit. Aim the sky, put fulpower to reach 200m/s, and stabilise this speed. Reach 50 000, then reach orbit by aiming 45°.

-Compatible with all mods


Have fun !!!

PS: Please make some comments to give me ideas about how improve the ship !


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