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Laythe Super Carrier

If you build small stop now ….


Do you feel like a challenge of something a little bit different but extreme ?


Take on Kerbin and Laythe with your own science super carrier,   yes I also said Kerbin.

Explore the vast oceans like never before with planes, rovers and subs with all your kerbal buddies.

Kick Mechjeb to the side as you traverse the vast darkness of space then experience the complexity of navigating the Jovian moons before undertaking a single colossal feet of docking precision your system will cry over, followed by flaming on through the atmo of your chosen world to dominate with this 500tn monster.

Once you finally touch down you can pick a spot on the map and go knowing you can reach from pole to pole (unless you waste all the gas landing), assemble a squad to go scouting by air, dive to the ocean floor and refill for a long trip or maybe somebody on board has already had enough and wants to go home by taking the onboard laythe VTOL SSTO. What an ungrateful kerman.



 This is craft is made from 2 >1500 part monsters that forms a 1500 part Giant.

This craft is still experimental because I'm never satisfied (under testing since 1.2.2) has completed 10 laythe deployments and countless kebin sorties


With that said you will still get random glitches here and there especially if mods are installed (1.4.3 experienced some kraken action during the first docking maneuver)


Craft Guide

     Laythe Carrier - Front       = Front / fore deck + Launcher with ‘Panther’s, Internal craft; Deep space relay, 2x VTOL Scout, Claw adaptor sat, science Rover, deck rover

     Laythe Carrier - Front Lte = Front / fore deck + Launcher Light with Juno & Wheesly, Internal craft; 3 x  Claw adaptor sat

     Laythe Carrier – Rear         =  Rear / Aft deck + Launcher with ‘Panther’s, Internal craft; Deep space relay, 2x VTOL Scout, 2x Claw adaptor sat, 2x Submarine, Jet ski, Aqua jet

     Laythe Carrier - Rear Lte   = Rear / Aft deck +Launcher Light with Juno & Wheesly,, Internal craft; Claw adaptor sat, VTOL Scout

     Laythe Carrier – ReFueler  = Tanker to re-fill front deck Jool transit tanks

     Laythe Carrier – Tower       = Tower + Tanker to re fill rear deck Jool transit tanks

     Aircraft Carrier - Tester, Kerbin Sea trials = Just as the name says. Add to  SPH folder for a quick sail around KSC.


 long winded         Craft and Flight guide in Zip file 


Development  Album