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Falcon Heavy - Duna/Ike Landing and Return [1.11.1]



  • Reach an <mark>Low Kerbin Orbit</mark> (~ 75 Km) and turn the Rocket in retrograde Direction (or warp to the point, the rocket are stay in retrograde direction, that´s easier). Decouple the Lander and after this decouple the <mark>Coupling Unit</mark> to deorbiting it. Be sure youre Lander isn´t in the shoot direction ;-) Re-dock the Lander to Return Modul and Mainstage.
  • Now you set the <mark>transfer burn maneuver</mark> to leave Kerbin and fly to Duna! (The Inclination of Kerbin to Duna for this is around 135°).
  • Edit at first an <mark>Impact Orbit</mark> for Duna to destroy the Mainstage! (=Reducing Waste)
  • After that take through an <mark>aerobrake</mark> roughly at 25-26 Km. Your destination orbit height should be at 60-70 Km. Eventually repeat this maneuver with a higher Ap.
  • <mark>Deorbit</mark> not to rapid (use max 100 m/s DeltaV), slow down with parachutes and use the engines to land
  • After landing accomplish you <mark>experiments</mark>, (decouple the mystery goo container, if you want) and start <mark>back into Orbit</mark> to Return Modul. The Landing Tanks can be decoupled during the start, if are not empty before start.
  • If you are a good pilot, now you can travel and <mark>land on Ike</mark>, if not, edit an suborbital impact orbit and decouple the landing stage from the lander.
  • After this or Ike, you can create an <mark>Short Transfer Maneuver</mark> to travel back to Kerbin! I tested that in 2 Flights and both was working fine (also with Ike exploring)!
  • Arrived at Kerbin you have to slow down your speed with the rest of the Fuel. If you was flight normally back to Kerbin, you can fly directly into the Atmosphere, with the Command Pod!
  • Be sure that all Chutes repacked and land on Kerbin!


Thanks for watching and download!

I wish you an successfully flight!


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Note, this is a non-reuseable Version of Falcon Heavy! The Fuel for this is needed for the big Duna Trip and also it enables to use the 2,5m parts. Cause that, i think it´s better to collect Science and accomplish Missions of two Bodys, than rescue the relative cheap Boosters.


Made in Germany 2021