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want to wage war, safeguard your nation or explore the seas of Laythe ?

ChrisCorp is delighted to offer you this one time discount on our fleet of naval vessel's.

Ships in the pack;

High speed Runabout  High Speed Boat max speed >150m/s on water. Don’t try to turn once over 90.

Able to dock with all ChrisCorp Navy ships

  Frigate 1  Frigate - 1, Short to medium range ship. Frigate - 2, Short range frigate with 2 rover's & 1 VTOL Plane

   Mk I - Scout, Mk II - Fighter & Mk III - Adv. Fighter. All made for carrier craft

VTOL Sea-plane VTOL Seaplane  - A versatile craft able to tow loads from orbit to a safe water landing & capable or 3 way flight and speed on the water of >90m/s +

Add-on Lab unit  ; Because what base is complete without one. Unit designed to be flown or dropped  and then attached to the AC 2

 Aircraft Carrier Mk1 - Nemmitz Wannabe  ; As the name suggests this is your standard shaped aircraft carrier of all modern navy's with a short runway this vessel can handle some non-VTOL planes and comes with 3 VTOL's on board and a runabout


Aircraft Carrier Mk2 - The pride of the Fleet, Built for Laythe exploration. Launch from the SPH or VAB this beauty will land anywhere with ease capable of an average 25m/s this beast will Drive / Swim into your heart. Basically this platform will fill every Laythe base wet dream.

As always instructions and action key lists are in the craft description‘s.

 Navy bonus - Rockets and missiles even ICBM's to attach to your fleet



Update info for those still scrolling down AC2 is now armed with 4 SR Missiles, 4SR Rockets & 6LR Tomahawk  & Adv Fighters                                                      Ready in both SPH config & Limited VAB config