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I created this custome categories so I can find parts I need more easily. I like stock categories, but there are just too many parts per category so I end up scrolling multiple pages to find the part I need. With this configuration file, you can have more control over where your parts are and you can find them easily. For example, if I'm looking for Liquid Fuel Engine, I don't want it mixed with Jet Engines or Solid Fuel Boosters. So under Engines category there is subcategory with Liquid Engines, Jel Engines, Solid Fuel Boosters etc.


To install, just copy PartCategories.cfg into your /GameData/Squad/PartList/


Config is updated for 1.0.5, all new parts are included! All 280 parts that exist in the game are there, but organized in a more intuitive way!

If you like this little project, say thanks! So I can know you guys want me to continue uploading as new parts come!

Happy flying!