Adam's Stock Space Shuttle

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Pilot Notes:

Even though you will not need to use RCS on Launch you will still need to pay constant attention to your prograde vector and adjust accordingly until you are in orbit.  

The Centre of Thrust is not aligned with the cockpit so pitch higher than you want to go. (During launch and in orbit)

As the solid rocket boosters run out of fuel they will start to tilt the shuttle and you will need to manually pitch hard to compensate.

As the Main fuel tank starts to run out you will need to throttle down or you will start to spin.

Before detaching the main fuel tank kill throttle and press 1 to shut down the main engines, then staging to detach the fuel tank will activate the orbital manoeuvring engines.  Whilst doing this translate away from the fuel tank with RCS, watch the video if that is too much of a mouth full.

The internal docking port has a control point to aid with docking.  The shuttle my need more RCS ports as it is a little sluggish but more than capable.

Don't manually open the shuttle bay door, Press 3 and it will also trigger a handy light source.

And landing, oh my word there is fun to be had here.  Basically at level fight it falls too fast.  Ironically you need to pitch down to gain even more speed so when you level out at the run way there is enough lift so you don't slam down.  I've yet to manage it on the runway but did it in the desert a couple of times.  However if you save a little fuel you can land with ease it just doesn't feel like cricket that way.

Finally this craft was originally intended to finish of my Mir project, check out this page for the full set!



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