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44.9K Downloads Updated Apr 15, 2019 Created May 07, 2014

Service Module and accessories designed specifically for use with the stock Mk1-2 Command Pod, vaguely...

47.4K Downloads Updated Oct 22, 2018 Created Feb 15, 2016

Parts Pack for Shuttle Building

67.9K Downloads Updated May 01, 2019 Created May 07, 2014

kOS is a scriptable autopilot Mod for Kerbal Space Program. It allows you write small...

80.7K Downloads Updated Mar 18, 2018 Created Sep 07, 2014

An in-game implementation of AluxMun's Launch Window Planner WebApp - to plan when to make...

94.1K Downloads Updated Sep 01, 2018 Created Aug 23, 2015

Yachts, Cargo Ships, Carriers, Paddlewheelers, RoRo's, Submarines, Tug Boats and lots more.

31.2K Downloads Updated Feb 22, 2018 Created Oct 03, 2017

Nuclear weapons and heavy ordnance for BDArmory

39.6K Downloads Updated Oct 23, 2014 Created Oct 17, 2014

v4.0 - Ingame science checklist

132K Downloads Updated Nov 23, 2018 Created Aug 25, 2014

Space station and surface base parts [just updated with more parts]

159K Downloads Updated Jun 17, 2019 Created Jun 06, 2014

MechJeb Embedded with ModuleManager it Gives MechJeb Functionality to every command module, even from mods!...

16.2K Downloads Updated Apr 09, 2019 Created Nov 01, 2016

Control Rails Warp Rates, Slow-Motion, and Hyper Warp

22.1K Downloads Updated May 29, 2019 Created Jun 16, 2015

More radiators to manage your spacecraft's temperature

7.3K Downloads Updated May 06, 2019 Created Jun 23, 2018

propellantless propulsion by photons from either the sun or from beamed power sources

78.9K Downloads Updated Mar 09, 2017 Created Nov 29, 2014

Collision FX adds sound, light and particle effects when colliding or scraping your craft.

56.3K Downloads Updated Mar 12, 2018 Created Feb 14, 2016

Realistically sized and balanced rocket parts, based on real world rockets.

17.3K Downloads Updated Jun 28, 2018 Created Jun 24, 2016

Stockalike-ish probe and science parts pack

54.4K Downloads Updated Jan 25, 2015 Created Sep 11, 2014

A 35-piece complete parts pack for KSP that includes the SpaceX Dragon V2, Dragon Cargo,...

98.3K Downloads Updated Aug 09, 2015 Created May 05, 2015

A pack for stock-a-like and miscellaneous spaceplane parts!

84.9K Downloads Updated Nov 16, 2016 Created Dec 31, 2014

Expands the Kerbol system with new planets and moons, inspired by Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto...

9.9K Downloads Updated Dec 22, 2018 Created Jul 22, 2017

Identify your ships and parts.

40.1K Downloads Updated Mar 14, 2018 Created Nov 23, 2016

An improved version of the stock maneuver node tool.